May’s FO’s Roundup

It’s June 1 and that means it’s time for a roundup of everything I finished last month. How is it June already?
May round up
Here’s a roundup of the five projects I finished this month:

  1. My first pair of socks! Don’t worry, I’ve got a post about these scheduled for Friday. With the holiday I forgot to write about it on Monday.
  2. Maddie’s Tutu top for summer, the cutest and my most favorite pattern for a little girl. I could see how to make it in my size but that ruffle would mean a billion stitches. So…nope.
  3. Bragita with a little modification to make it fit. I really do think it turned out lovely.
  4. Morgan the doll for Maddie – quite possibly the most special thing I’ve ever knit as a gift.
  5. And finally Teazel, my summer swing cardigan in cotton.

I had a pretty productive month of May. I think all the rain we had non-stop that kept me indoors attributed to that. I did get started on a short sleeved summer cardigan over the holiday weekend and it will probably be my first FO for June (and finished pretty soon) because it’s working up pretty quickly. Plus, it’s some of the yarn from my Maryland Sheep and Wool haul and it’s even more stunning of a colorway than I had imagined. So what did you finish in May? Share!

4 Replies to “May’s FO’s Roundup”

  1. Way to go, DWJ!!! Fabbb-u-Loooouuuuusss!!! Everything looks great!

  2. You are amazing! I especially love the TuTu top and the Teazel Cardigan.

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