FO: My First Socks

I said that this year would be the year that I stopped being afraid of trying new things in knitting. Knitting is about learning and growing (in my opinion) and when I get nervous or doubt myself I lose out on a chance to learn a new skill or something new. When I made the Morgan doll I realized that I essentially knit a heel flap when I made her feet without hesitating – so I then realized perhaps knitting a sock wouldn’t be that complex.
First socks
I was right. Sock knitting isn’t that complex, the hardest part is keeping my double points working smoothly. I swear I need to get some of those curved double points to make my knitting in the round easier. I’ve tried magic loop method and do not like it all. But I also don’t know if I love sock knitting enough to invest in double points.
First socks
I decided to use a simple pattern meant for worsted weight socks (oh and it was free) to try a pair. I always have tons of Berroco Vintage scraps so I just pulled two colors from my knitting wall and pulled out my size 5 double points. I’m pretty sure I could’ve gone down a needle size for a snugger fit but I knew these were test socks and didn’t mind if they were a little loose. I also knew I’d probably just wear these around the house and I bought a tube of sparkly puff paint to put little grippy dots on the bottom of the socks once they were blocked and dried so that I don’t break my neck running around the house in these since we have very little carpet.
First socks
I decided to tackle socks because my godson asked me if I could knit him wool socks since his feet are always cold. He’ll turn 15 this month and he wears a size 12 shoe and his favorite color is orange. I’ve got a ball of bright orange yarn and the Tin Can Knits Rye sock pattern (another free one) and I plan on knitting him a pair of socks before the end of the month. I don’t see myself knitting a ton of socks in the future (again, I don’t love using tiny double points) but I can definitely see a pair here and there as a special gift. I think my cousin in Chicago would probably love a nice pair of wool socks when winter rolls around again. Anyone else a sock knitter? Tips? Tricks? Please share!Ā And just for giggles, here’s a picture of Cher in socks – she hates them. Happy Friday!
dog wearing socks

12 Replies to “FO: My First Socks”

  1. My Hubby tells me that the more active you are- the more the larger stitches will irritate (read: rub against) the bottom of your foot. So you may want to go down to like Sport weight for your godson, if he’s going to wear them out and about. I don’t usually run or power walk in my hand knit socks, so that bit of info was new to me.

    Or he could just have sensitive feet.

    1. Good to know! I think AJ just wants them for lounging around the house and playing video games in to keep him warm. LOL If he likes them I may consider knitting him more.

  2. I hated magic loop the first time I tried it (on my first socks–Rye). Since then, I’ve tried it again a few times, and now I actually like it a lot. I’ve never minded dpns but it’s been helpful to have another tool in the toolkit.

    Your socks look great! Will you post again after you’ve washed them a few times? I’m curious to know how the grippy dots hold up. I’d like to do something like that for socks I knit for my daughter.

    1. Sure! I’ll give you an update after they wash up multiple times. I’m curious if the dots will stay too! LOL

  3. Cher in SOCKS!!!!!! I can’t stand it. šŸ™‚

  4. Magic loop for me. I used to knit socks on the train and always dropped a dpn. Magic loop is worth trying again.
    I use sock weight yarn and make two pairs per year. I don’t like nylon in my socks and instead buy Superwash bfl which I dye myself.
    Keep at it, hand knit socks in winter are the best!

    1. Perhaps if I get magic loop down I’ll be more inclined to knit socks. They seem like a great project to always have in your bag!

  5. Curved double points!?! I think you just changed my life!!! šŸ˜€

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