FO: Teazel Cardigan

HEY! It’s finished object Friday!
Teazel cardigan
I fell in love when I saw Bristol Ivy post this picture of the Teazel cardigan on Instagram. I kept going back to the pictures and then to save it to my favorites on Ravelry. And then I just decided I wanted to make Teazel for myself but in cotton for summer.
Teazel cardigan
I decided to use the Knit Picks Billow yarn (the color is called Lichen), not realizing it was a thick and thin bulky weight yarn. There are some part of the yarn that are scary thin but it creates a very rustic texture to the finished fabric. I don’t know if I would pick it again for this kind of project where the yarnovers create this swirling detail but this was my first time making this one and it actually turned into such an interesting piece. I still have five skeins left of it to figure out what I want to make next. Perhaps another Six Point Tee is in my future?
Teazel cardigan
It floats away from the body and is definitely a swingy cardigan. I probably should’ve knit the size down, especially since cotton tends to grow but for now it’s almost like a kimono wrap on me. I can only pair this will super skinny and well fitted clothes because otherwise I’ll look like I’m drowning in yarn. I also decided since it was becoming a bit heavy to just do a short sleeve for summer. It was definitely a good decision, I think I would’ve had long and baggy sleeves if I hadn’t decided to cut them short.
Teazel in motion
But seriously, can we take about Teazel in motion? It’s pretty great for twirling. I know a couple of folks were worried about whether this would be stiff or not and it definitely isn’t. I definitely want to make this again for the fall in a deep teal or burgundy color and with the long sleeves so you can really see the detail go all the way down the arm. But overall, I’m still pretty pleased with how this turned out in the end.

What did you finish off this week? Share!

14 Replies to “FO: Teazel Cardigan”

  1. That is super, super cute on you! I wasn’t that attracted to the original version, but I love this one. Great job!

    1. Thanks! I was so drawn to the original. I definitely think there will be another version for winter coming.

  2. Ahhh! Drapes beautifully. And you’re right, the slub texture really makes this garment interesting. I have a cotton/linen pullover that stretches every time I wear it, but a short trip in the dryer seems to help.

    1. I thought about that last night, perhaps I will dry it a bit to tighten it up. I totally wasn’t going for this texture but I like how it turned out. Adds some more interest to it 🙂

  3. This is so good to know! I’m planning a cotton something to wear in June. Probably a tee shirt. But, I was nervous about shrinkage because it’s a cotton. I love the swing and the color!

    1. Thank you! I’m glad I made it short sleeved with the cotton. Perfect for summer and I can layer it with a long tee when it gets colder.

  4. Looks like you are having so much fun spinning around in your Teazel! Hahahaha! It looks totally FAB! 😉

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