Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival 2016

I think I can put myself in the category of true yarn fanatic and knit-a-holic because I got up and drove out to the Howard County Fairgrounds to go to Maryland Sheep and Wool festival after 11 days of rain in our area. When I tell you it was 55 degrees, a little drizzly and MUDDY and yet I trekked on with my BFF in tow…yeah I’m a fanatic. But I wasn’t the only one! I had a budget and I stuck to it. I think I had about $25 left when I walked back to my car. But I left with my wellies covered in mud, a backpack full of yarn and a smile on my face. So here’s what I got (because I know that’s what you want to know).
Sheep and Wool haul
Despite the fact that my LYS carries Miss Babs, I still like to go to her booth to touch the skeins and figure out what combinations I want to mix and match. You just can’t do that online and I hate when I get to my LYS and a color I want is gone or only has one skein left. I picked up these three, Ghoulish and Shaken Not Stirred. I’m seeing a simple sweater that’s mainly bright green with either stripes of a block fun mixed color.
The line was long but I got all the lovely @missbabsyarns I wanted and met THE Miss Babs too! #MDSW2016 #mdsheepandwool #yardsofhappiness
If you follow me on Instagram you probably got a sneak peek of what I bought. I was standing in the very long line for Miss Babs but I was happily chatting it up with other yarn lovers and my BFF Jess kept going back and forth to the booth to see what she might buy. I also met THE Miss Babs at checkout! I hope to be as cool as her as I get older. Her style was so cool too.
Sheep and Wool haul
I also bought a new to me yarn, Tempting Ewe Yarns because their logo caught my attention and then sparkly yarn sealed the deal for me. I picked up four skeins of the grey and one of this purple magenta color in a DK weight. I have no clue what it will be or who it will be for but it has sparkle and felt so soft I had to buy it.
Sheep and Wool haul
My last yarn purchase was two skeins of Neighborhood Fiber Company Studio Worsted in the color Fells Point. It’s green, turquoise and a goldenrod color and it just spoke to me. The owner said that it doesn’t always come out looking like this but it’s her favorite version of this colorway too. So I picked up 2 skeins.
Sheep and Wool haul
My last purchase was a set of six buttons from Melissa Jean Ceramics. I picked up buttons from her booth last year and was hoping to find her again because I didn’t remember the name of her company! They’re like little pieces of artwork for my cardigans.
Maryland Sheep & Wool success! I finally got to meet @fussbudgit in person after all these years chatting online 😊
I also finally got to meet in person Renee of Miss Celie’s Pants. I started following her blog when I took sewing lessons years ago and she followed my old blog and then followed me as I started knitting. We’ve emailed, tweeted and talked on Instagram but on Saturday we were finally able to hug. She lives in Baltimore, so about an hour away from me and is convinced I need to buy a knitting machine, so we’re going to get together this summer so I can check her machine out. Jess also tried to convince me on the ride home that it totally made sense for me to get a knitting machine too. LOL Never say never, right?

I browsed, took video of sheep for my girl Maddie (she’s learning her animal sounds) and got lost of compliments on my Cracked Pepper sweater while I was walking around. Either the buttons of the bright pop of peach caught people’s attention. I also saw some amazing sweaters too out there since it was chilly enough to still wear them. It was a great way to spend my Saturday and I will definitely be back next year!

18 Replies to “Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival 2016”

  1. Sounds like a wonderful day! I highly approve of your purchases too!! Lol! Especially love that grey and purple combo. Can’t wait to see what it turns into. 🙂

    1. The grey and purple just spoke to me! And that’s when I make a purchase. There were a few other yarns I saw but I know that when I buy yarn, I’m buying sweater quantities so I have to make my purchase count!

  2. I also was at the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival on Saturday and purchased yarn at Tempting Ewe Yarns! I loved the name and also the feel of their yarn! Love the colors you picked and all your purchases. Looking forward to seeing what they become!!!

    1. All their yarn was so pretty!! I’m excited too that they’re just up near Baltimore so I can get more whenever I want! Their logo was absolutely divine!

  3. I read Miss Celie’s blog and popped over to check out your blog. Love the sweater you wore to the festival and the green yarns in the first photo. And your doggie is really cute! I have an 8yr old black and tan Chihuahua and your little guy reminds me of mine. My Romeo also likes to sit on the back of the couch and look out the window.

    1. Thank you! Cher is almost 12! She’s a sassy little dog but I love her so much. I’ve knit her a sweater too!

  4. Awesome colors! And it sounds like u had as much fun as we did 🙂 My friend didn’t want to leave til they closed the place down! Then we stopped @ Hobby Lobby? Can you believe it?! I think I finally met someone who loves yarn MORE than you! 🙂

    1. You really should. I want to go to Rhinebeck one day too but I’m happy that this is just an hour drive from my house. I can’t not go!

  5. Seeing you two meet (I follow you both… But knitting is loads more fun than sewing for me!) is like having a Flash and Supergirl crossover event! Totally a bright spot on a rainy grey day.

    You knit so fast, that I’m not sure you actually need a knitting machine… Although for the finer gauges, I could see why.

    1. Hahahahahahahaha I’m cracking up at the Flash and Supergirl reference. I am intrigued by the machine, I definitely want to check it out.

  6. I was supposed to make it this year but got sick … boo hiss! I can’t wait to see what you do with those purchases. Every year I go to Rhinebeck I try to stay on the Ms.Babs line, but I just can’t!!! She has a cult following and the lines block access to other indie dyers both it’s so long!!! Not her fault but I just don’t have the patience. So good job sourcing that beauty! Maybe I’ll try again this year if I make it to Rhinebeck.

    I’m for you getting a knitting machine, if you do, I get to see a hundred beautiful sweaters per year instead of the 50 you do by hand! 😀

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