FO: Morgan for Maddie

Allow me to introduce you to Morgan.
Morgan and the Tutu top
I made Morgan for Maddie, the adorable little girl with two curly puffs you’ve seen a few times on the blog. Maddie is just the cutest. Don’t get me wrong, I love my two godsons but making things for girls when you’re already a girly girl is just plain fun!!!

Morgan is part of the Susan B. Anderson doll patterns for Mary, Millie and Morgan. My LYS was having a class on how to make these dolls and I picked up the pattern when the class was full and thought I’d give it a go myself. I was surprised at how easy it was. Seriously, if you can knit in the round you’ve got this. The “hardest” part was this hair, or as I like to say, her weave. LOL I decided to use acrylic yarn for this because I wanted her to be washer and dryer friendly (and she is! All these pics are post being washed and dried). I used Knit Picks Brava Sportย and it had a lovely softness but still sturdy feel to it.ย I bought lots of colors for under $25 so I could have some options but man this brown is spot on. It’s the perfect shade of brown and when I saw it coming together I was so tickled throughout the process. I was so excited I finished it in 2 days!
And when I made Morgan’s clothes I decided I needed to make it match a top I was going to make for Maddie too because matching your doll is even cuter. Monday night I went over to give Maddie her doll…and here’s Maddie meeting Morgan.
And kissing Morgan…I think she really likes her.
And taking her for a ride in her stroller with a maraca in case Morgan wanted to play a song perhaps. These things make sense to toddlers.
And once I get a picture of Maddie in her top to match Morgan I’ll do a post about the top too. In the meantime, here’s the top next to Morgan in her dress.
Morgan and the Tutu top
The pattern for the doll comes with options to make a skirt, cardigan and shawl for the doll too. I figure when I knit up Maddie’s fall/winter pieces I’ll whip up a few things for Morgan too…because why not? I also realized that by knitting the doll feet I had to do a heel flap and I could totally try sock knitting. My almost 15 year old godson asked me to make him orange wool socks – now I know what to whip up for his birthday next month. Morgan’s already helping me learn new skills to put to work for the next project. I couldn’t be more pleased with how this turned out and I see some more knit dolls and toys in my future.


18 thoughts on “FO: Morgan for Maddie

  1. Awesome! Those smiles and gestures make it all worth it!!! Now you’ll FINALLY knit some socks — hooohaaa!!! Since you’re considering socks, I guess there’s hope yet that I’ll get you to pick up your crochet hooks again! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I *thought* was blown away by Morgan until I got to the pics of Maddie WITH Morgan! Oh, my goodness. I can hardly stand the CUTE!!!! So sweet! And I love, love, love the matching sweaters!!

  3. Hi Dana–

    I’m looking at several yarns to use for a baby blanket for my boss. How did you like using Brava?


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