FO: Maddie’s Tutu Top #2

Morgan and the Tutu top
I knew when I made Maddie her Morgan doll that I had to modify the patterns for clothes with the dolls to match clothes I could make for Maddie. If you can match the doll you play with, why not? Her Mom had already told me she wanted me to make her another Tutu top for the summer so I kept that in mind when knitting Morgan’s clothes.
Tutu top
She was so tiny last year!! Maddie was just 3 months onld when I made the first tutu top and it was just the cutest thing ever. It was in the top 3 for my favorite things I knit last year!
Tutu top
This time I was making the 18 month size Tutu top and instead of my standard Caron Simply Soft acrylic blend I went for the Berroco Comfort yarn in a yellow for the main body of the shirt and a rainbow for the ruffle and accents.
Morgan and the Tutu top
The yarn has great stitch definition and is so soft. It’s also washer and dryer friendly – a must whenever I make things for kids. I’m hoping since Maddie wore the last one until she couldn’t anymore, it will be the same for this one. And I’m happy to report that it fits and Maddie and Morgan are the cutest matching duo ever! Note, that I knew Maddie wore red Chucks so I intentionally gave Morgan red lace up sneakers too.
Maddie and Morgan
Now if only I could figure out how to make a doll with two little curly puffs to match Maddie’s I’d be good to go. It’s supposed to be rainy all day tomorrow so I’m going to snuggle on the couch with Cher, binge watch some TV and knit! What do you have planned for the weekend?

12 Replies to “FO: Maddie’s Tutu Top #2”

  1. she is ssooooo cute! Hopefully Berroco/Yellow Tutu Top will stand up to sidewalk chalk as well as it does to the washer/dryer 😉 I wish I could lay on the couch this weekend and just knit because I’m eager to finish my Keyhole Top, but I’ll be babysitting my 5-year-old niece this weekend so I’ll be too exhausted when I get home on Sunday to finish my top 😦

  2. 2 afro puffs = 2 pom poms?!

    You did an awesome job!
    Happy anniversary!

    1. Thanks! I thought about pom poms but am terrified they will fall apart in the wash 😦

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