MDK: Knitting an Act of Resilience

Knitting Resilience
I’ve put together another post about knitting sweaters for Mason-Dixon Knitting. It came about because I was sharing via my stories on Instagram how many sweaters I’d made since my first sweater back in 2014.  Since that day and writing my post I’d knit 164 sweaters; 42 baby/child size, 19 dog sweaters (not all for Cher and Jellybean) and 103 sweaters (I just added my Carlisle cardigan and Jellybean’s Sweetheart Sweater to that list).

Here’s a visual breakdown of all the adult sweaters, I have two that I don’t have photographs of out of all the sweaters I’ve knit. And you can find them all on my Ravelry page to get the patterns and most have been discussed here as well. But it isn’t about how many I’ve knit, my post for MDK is about what it takes for YOU to knit a sweater when you stop letting fear hold you back , so pop on over there and give it a read.
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28 Replies to “MDK: Knitting an Act of Resilience”

  1. I’ve been following you on Instagram and Ravelry and am feeling left behind in your yarn fuzz. You’re inspiring me to get back to sweater knitting and put those sock needles away. Your colors are so amazing. Cher and Jellybean are so cute. My CarLotta Spots is also a rescue but doesn’t have a sweater yet. She wore one of my triangle shawls last week during a snowy walk. 😉

  2. Wow! I’m hopping over to MDK for your article. I’d be happy finishing 2 sweaters per year!

  3. Once again, my day starts with a smile because of you. Look at that library of lovely, bright, bold colors. I’m blown away! Thanks so very much for sharing!

  4. You’re my knitting hero. Love all your projects. I’ve taken to the theory to rip out when not feeling the flow and starting another project with the yarn. I’m still trying to make a pullover that fits. I saw your picture of you in your creative place. Could you post more photos, I’d like to see how you organize. I’m interested in a peg board organizer too. Thanks Chris

  5. You are my kind of knitter! Nonstop delight in those yarns and needles. I’m now following your blog.

  6. Definitely need a LOVE button for your post today. You are amazing. So cool you have documented your sweaters for all of us to marvel and be inspired!

  7. Everywhere I look on social media I see your smiling face and I LOVE it!!!!!!

  8. What a treat to wake up to you on MDK! The parade of beautuful colorful sweaters, your radiant smile, adorable pups and all the other beautiful models of your resilient knitting are the perfect counter to this snowy morning. Thank you for sharing it all and for being so encouraging!

  9. You are an inspiration! I’ve made 3 total sweaters, all baby/toddler sized. I have plans for another toddler sweater for my daughter who says her mommy-made sweater is the best! I’m always hesitant to cast on a sweater for myself, but I’m hoping I can push myself over that obstacle this year!

  10. I read your post on MDK first this morning and judging by all the responses you’ve really inspired people with your resilience and color and smile! You are an inspiration Dana😊 pls keep on!!

  11. You amaze me! I’m so impressed with how beautiful all your sweaters are and how well they fit. Someday you’ve got to share your secrets:)

  12. I love reading your blog because not only do you appear to be a great knitter technically, (don’t disillusion me!) but you know how to choose colors and styles that look great on you! It pains me when I see someone with a lovely handknit sweater that just does not flatter them. That’s never an issue here! You look great in every one!

  13. Awesome – but your green-and-white at the beginning of the collage is still my favourite!

  14. You’re productivity is insane. I knit my first sweater in 2012, but didn’t really start making sweaters until 2014. Since 2014 I have knit 21 baby/child sweaters/vests and six adult-sized sweaters (two of them never made it onto Ravelry).

  15. Wow! Good timing as I am working on my first sweater (Comfort fade Cardi). I just wanted to let you know how much I admire how well you knit for your body. Your sweaters fit you so well! You are inspiring!

  16. Wow! What a great, colorful collection of handknits!! Very encouraging!

  17. Your so inspiring! I read your blog on Mason Dixon and loved seeing all your gorgeous sweaters. Your now on my blog list 🙂

  18. It’s stunning to see them all! (All but 2!)

    Thanks so much for the fantastic article. I can practically hear knitters casting on sweaters out there….

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