FO: Sawyer Sweater

This is a week of Finished Objects! I’m not trying to share my holiday knits until after Christmas but I do have a few finished projects (including my kitchen renovation) that I can share this week. YAY!

Although I finished the Sawyer sweater for my husband last month, this weekend was the first time he actually wore it. He let me take a picture and I think he fidgeted for about five minutes and this was the best I was going to get out of him. LOL
I used Cascade 220 Superwash in the color Como because I was trying to get close to this color of an old Gap sweater he had years ago. Plus I just really like him in blues, greens and teals. When I buy sweater quantities of yarn, I typically buy them from because you get a discount on price, otherwise I’m usually at my local yarn shop.
I really like how the Cascade 220 feels, I’ve now used the superwash and the 100% wool and both feel completely different but I highly recommend them for being durable and wearing well. For my husband I wanted the sweater to be durable and light weight and this knit up into a lightweight fabric. He told me has to get used to wearing it close to the body without a long sleeve on underneath but he said it was pretty soft and definitely warm. My only issue is that I can see every single mistake in this sweater. I know he doesn’t and the average person won’t but it will drive me just a little insane. It’s not like it’s just blaring all over the sweater but I see the lines where I mixed up my pattern repeat and I just want to fix it…but I can’t.

Overall, I thought this pattern was challenging but in a good way. I learned how to do a sloped bindoff around the neckline, how to read a more complicated pattern and how to read my stitches in order to make the repeats work out correctly. So I think if I had to grade myself I’d give myself a B overall (it’s the professor in me, I can’t help myself). I might even make this in a neutral color again in the future since I’ve gained a lot more confidence now with doing a seamed sweater.

Any awesome men’s patterns out there? Please share, I’m always trying to add them to my list in Ravelry.


What Weekends Are Made For

It was the first cold weekend in Maryland since late February/early March. It’s knit sweater weather – that’s about the only reason I like winter now. I have reasons to pull out all of my bundles of hand knits I’ve been working on this year. WOOHOO!
Cher spent the majority of her weekend wrapped up in freshly laundered blankets or curled up next to me while I was finishing off the Sawyer sweater. I blasted Adele’s new album AND some Justin Bieber while I was seaming the sweater and adding buttons. My husband finished up the tile work in the kitchen – all that’s left is grout and by Tuesday I’ll be putting everything back in the cabinets and on the countertops. YES! We plan to have a quiet Thanksgiving just the two of us at home and I’m looking forward to cooking in my kitchen again. I still need to take some real pics of Sawyer but I thought I’d share a preview (and a pic taken under protest) until I can take some better pics.
And I’m looking forward to the Thanksgiving break and having a little extra quiet time to knit! I’ve got a few things I’m itching to put on my needles and I just don’t know where to start! Aargh!!

Did you have a good weekend? Any good knitting get finished?

Stitching Status: Blocking

I am fortunate enough to have a knitting “workshop” in one of the bedrooms in my home AND I use the guest bath for blocking knit garments. I bought a hanging sweater dryer a while ago and just leave it hanging in the shower for my hand knits. My husband never bats an eye at random sweaters or pieces dripping dry in our guest bathroom (I love that guy). So this weekend I was able to make all the progress I wanted to on Sawyer! Actually knitting the back of the sweater was a nice calm balance to all the news I was watching on the Paris terrorist attacks. It gave me flashbacks to the chaos of 9/11 and what we went through in DC and eventually I had to say a prayer and turn the channel. I try to not let the darkness of the world overwhelm or consume me.

The last instruction set on the front panel of Sawyer confused the hell out of me and I know I didn’t finish it perfectly…but it’s finished and it will be seamed together with a back and two sleeves somehow. I’ve got until Wednesday to finish my sleeves (I’m sure I will make some progress while sitting under the dryer at my hairdresser this evening) and block them before Thursday’s class. Fortunately, the Cascade 220 Superwash dried quickly, so I should be ready for Thursday’s class. And as my reward for finishing the front portion of my sweater I put the last sleeve on my Oatmeal sweater. The neckline is a little big since I made the largest size but I’ll just wear a tank top with it – which is what I would’ve done anyway. I’m still not crazy about the color of the yarn but it’s finished and I’ll do a FO post on that once I get some pictures with it on.

And in other positive news, my kitchen counters are being installed today and I’ll be able to use my kitchen again as of Tuesday afternoon. Oh how much I’ve missed cooking my own food. So that was my weekend of accomplishments, what were you up to?