Stitching Status: Blocking

I am fortunate enough to have a knitting “workshop” in one of the bedrooms in my home AND I use the guest bath for blocking knit garments. I bought a hanging sweater dryer a while ago and just leave it hanging in the shower for my hand knits. My husband never bats an eye at random sweaters or pieces dripping dry in our guest bathroom (I love that guy). So this weekend I was able to make all the progress I wanted to on Sawyer! Actually knitting the back of the sweater was a nice calm balance to all the news I was watching on the Paris terrorist attacks. It gave me flashbacks to the chaos of 9/11 and what we went through in DC and eventually I had to say a prayer and turn the channel. I try to not let the darkness of the world overwhelm or consume me.

The last instruction set on the front panel of Sawyer confused the hell out of me and I know I didn’t finish it perfectly…but it’s finished and it will be seamed together with a back and two sleeves somehow. I’ve got until Wednesday to finish my sleeves (I’m sure I will make some progress while sitting under the dryer at my hairdresser this evening) and block them before Thursday’s class. Fortunately, the Cascade 220 Superwash dried quickly, so I should be ready for Thursday’s class. And as my reward for finishing the front portion of my sweater I put the last sleeve on my Oatmeal sweater. The neckline is a little big since I made the largest size but I’ll just wear a tank top with it – which is what I would’ve done anyway. I’m still not crazy about the color of the yarn but it’s finished and I’ll do a FO post on that once I get some pictures with it on.

And in other positive news, my kitchen counters are being installed today and I’ll be able to use my kitchen again as of Tuesday afternoon. Oh how much I’ve missed cooking my own food. So that was my weekend of accomplishments, what were you up to?

3 Replies to “Stitching Status: Blocking”

  1. If you have a bit more yarn, why don’t you add a few more neckline rows with decreases?

    1. I thought about that but am unsure how I take the neckline apart. I might take it to my last sweater class and ask my instructor for her opinion….or I may leave it. LOL

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