What Weekends Are Made For

It was the first cold weekend in Maryland since late February/early March. It’s knit sweater weather – that’s about the only reason I like winter now. I have reasons to pull out all of my bundles of hand knits I’ve been working on this year. WOOHOO!
Cher spent the majority of her weekend wrapped up in freshly laundered blankets or curled up next to me while I was finishing off the Sawyer sweater. I blasted Adele’s new album AND some Justin Bieber while I was seaming the sweater and adding buttons. My husband finished up the tile work in the kitchen – all that’s left is grout and by Tuesday I’ll be putting everything back in the cabinets and on the countertops. YES! We plan to have a quiet Thanksgiving just the two of us at home and I’m looking forward to cooking in my kitchen again. I still need to take some real pics of Sawyer but I thought I’d share a preview (and a pic taken under protest) until I can take some better pics.
And I’m looking forward to the Thanksgiving break and having a little extra quiet time to knit! I’ve got a few things I’m itching to put on my needles and I just don’t know where to start! Aargh!!

Did you have a good weekend? Any good knitting get finished?

8 Replies to “What Weekends Are Made For”

  1. AWESOME!!! No doubt about it, you did a great job!!! It looks awesome!

  2. I don’t know which picture I’m more in love with – precious Cher snuggled under the blankets or the Sawyer which fits your husband about as perfectly as I’ve ever seen a sweater fit! Great job!!

    1. I kind of love taking pictures of her all snuggled up. I love this little senior rescue, she’s my best friend 😊

  3. Cher is a sweet lil snuggler! So cute!

    Your Sawyer seaming looks neat and nifty! Your DH may be protesting, but his eyes say he’s pleased as punch! Main thing is, does he like it?

    1. Oh, and it really shows off how fit he looks since the first photo you had. If he doesn’t get a few “Have you been working out?”s then I just dunno!

      1. Hahahahaha he will love to hear that. He likes it, he hasn’t worn it yet so that’s what I’m waiting for to see how he feels.

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