FO: Rainbow Phases and Lapponia

Someone asked me the other day why I hadn’t posted in a while and it was honestly because I have been resting. So much of the last year has felt like I’m always trying to recover and when my summer break started I decided I needed to rest. I knit, I read books, I have been taking the dogs on long walks, visiting family, making ice cream…all at whatever pace works for me. I don’t often get to set my own pace, so I’ve been intentionally slowing down. So what have I knit so far?

Summer knitting

I briefly mentioned my Lapponia sweater in my last post. I decided to knit this in Ritual Dyes Undine (linen and cotton blend fingering weight) and Birdie’s Knits fingering weight cotton yarns. I really do love cotton and linen knits because I can wear them all year. This is light and breezy and I’ve worn it over a slip dress or just on it’s own.

Summer knitting

I also knit a newly released pattern, Phases by Jennifer Berg. I really loved knitting Sheep Camp so I scooped up her phases sweater and knew I had lots of leftover cotton yarns in my stash that I could use for this pattern and wear it immediately.

Summer knitting

Kiwi has also been super helpful while I knit. She also makes me realize that sometimes you have to slow down just to snuggle your puppy, right? So what have you been working on this summer?

14 Replies to “FO: Rainbow Phases and Lapponia”

  1. Your self care sounds therapeutic! Glad you’re taking it at the pace you need, and thank you for sharing your work with us. I have been too scattered to have results of anything lately, which is a symptom, not a choice! And yes, snuggling doggos should be a daily ritual. Maybe hourly.

  2. I have FO envy and puppy envy. I am making a surprise gift for a friend that is knitting up nicely so far. I finished my first Stephen West pattern, Pogoma. Next I might take a crack at SW’s Fiery Foliage or Penguono. Also have a stalled sweater in the knitting queue and two other sweaters planned in the wings.

    1. Stephen has a new Penguono/Pengueeno workshop. It is a little tricky to find on his site but search on Penguono and then look for articles and postings. I have not done that workshop but his videos and tutorials are generally fantastic.

      1. Correction, there is a tab on the right at the top of his webpage for workshops! Not sure how I managed to look straight at it and still fail to see it…

  3. I have been knitting cowls for my girl friends. My sister wanted cotton for Florida. I found a beautiful DK weight braided linen from Quince for that. Knitting alpaca because it is the best around ones neck. Little projects that aren’t too hot. Birthday presents. New stitches and patterns.

  4. I love your sweaters!!! I am spinning more with the plan of knitting with what I spin. I have cast on socks. I convinced a friend to join me as it will be her first pair.

  5. Love your cool T shirt sweaters, especially the colors. Glad to see you are looking happy and well! ❤️

  6. I’m sure I’m not the only one who realized the past couple of weeks that your friends online havent heard from you on your blog. Glad you’re doing OK!

    RE: your recent projects, the short sleeved tops you favor seem to adapt well to stripes, colorwork, ombre, etc.

  7. The Ambitious Grandmother Moses Basket Liner (MDK) for impending grandchild! Everything else has had to wait.

  8. We’re getting ready to move out of state, from our warmer location to Colorado. I made an afghan for a friend and am finishing a sweater for my son–two projects that have to be finished before we go. I also finished a sweater (rosette) for myself and started another one–I’m going to need some warmer clothes!

  9. Beautiful sweaters! My knitting mojo seems to have ebbed a bit this summer, but I did finish a crop sweater out of organic cotton. I did fulfill my wish to dye yarn using natural dyes (marigolds) and I’m getting ready to combine it with a gradient to knit brioche (another goal) ; The Honeycomb scarf from the latest MDK field guide. Your use of color is inspiring!

  10. When I look at all the comments about what you all have finished, I am so envious. I am a slow knitter and developing arthritis in my right hand which doesn’t help at all. How much time do you folks knit a day to accomplish all these gorgeous projects?

    1. Don’t be envious. I do have things that can keep me from knitting for 6 week long periods and I know eventually arthritis will probably catch me. I like to think because I started late in life knitting I’m super productive to make up for lost time. Cherish anything you make regardless of the amount you produce 💛

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