This Snow Day

Um…this is how I felt when I got the 4:30am call when I found out we had a snow day yesterday.
These are the eyes I gave my husband to make him take his liberal leave from work instead of going in after a 3 hour delay.
This is the progress I made on my Find Your Fade shawl, I’ve got one more color left!
This is the froggy raincoat that was delivered that I made Jellybean try on to amuse me.
This was just a really good day.

Stitching Status: Preparing for Snow

They’re saying we’re finally getting snow this year and it waited for when I’m on spring break from teaching. Thanks, Mother Nature. It’s fine, I’m not traveling and we actually got my cousin a ticket to come fly out from Chicago to see us on Wednesday so she’ll be flying in after the snow is supposed to hit us. Unfortunately she was hoping to escape Chicago’s cold for DC’s milder temperatures…that’s not going to happen. Oh well. So what will I be working on if I get a snow day tomorrow (finger’s crossed)?
Remember my Seagrass cardigan? I’m working on a two color version for my sister Anne. I’m using that lovely sparkly Tempting Ewe yarn I picked up at the Sheep and Wool Festival last year. I had ideas for something for myself but the sparkle screams my sister Anne. Plus since it’s already March and spring is supposed to be on the way I figured I would make her a short sleeved sweater for this transitional time of year. It’ll be a nice layering piece.
Sea grass cardigan
Here’s a back view of my version. I’m using the pink/purple yarn color for the ribbing at the back waste, the garter stitch trim at the bottom and the collar. If I have enough of it I’ll also add a touch of color to the ribbing on the sleeves. We shall see. I had to put it down last night after I missed a stitch twice on the lace and had to go back a full row. Sometimes my eyes need to focus on something else so I picked up my Find Your Fade Shawl.
I’ve added my fifth color since I took this picture but I don’t have enough of the bright blue yarn to do a full pattern repeat so I’m going to be adding in my sixth color soon! I’m using the leftover Periwinkle Sheep yarns bright sapphire blue from my Mom’s sweater I made her for Christmas. I wanted to incorporated that yarn into my fade but knew I wouldn’t have the full yardage I needed but I think the pop of color will still look really good. I can’t tell you how much I love making this shawl. It’s a good piece to pick up in between other projects. I’m sure I’ll make another one in the future for someone else. And in non-knitting related news I’ve been working on getting the dogs to take better selfies. LOL
Clearly this is time well spent. I just crack up because they always look at me. But they’re cute memories to have on my phone.

What are you working on currently?

Yarn Love Challenge & Introductions

In February, I participated in the Yarn Love Challenge and shared pics every day based on their prompts. I’ve realized I’ve gotten a few new followers on social media and on the blog because of it. So I thought I’d take this as an opportunity to introduce myself to you all (and again to some of you who have been here forever) and let you introduce yourselves to me! I’ve linked to some of the Instagram posts and blog posts that are relevant to this little introduction and I welcome you to share a bit about yourselves in the comments too (share you social, Rav ID, blogs, I want to hear it!).
BW me
My name is Dana and I started this blog in June of 2015 after taking a hiatus from blogging (my old blog The Art of Accessories/I Am DWJ is still around if you want to browse what I used to talk about). My father passed away that March 2015 after a long fight with pancreatic cancer and I needed something to bring back some joy into my everyday life. Knitting is my joy and  what I wanted to share and that’s how this blog was born. I pretty much live by the mantra, Choose Joy. I make choices and decisions in life based on what I want to do, not what I feel like I’m being pressured to do or what other people want from me. I do what makes me happy and when I find myself not happy I choose to make changes. I choose joy because sometimes you have to make a conscious decision to do that when life is hard. I hope that what I share here reflects that way of thought and  when I don’t feel joyful I don’t post. I think you can tell what brings joy to my life by what I share: knitting, family and dogs.
Johnson family 2016
I’ve been married for almost 14 years to a guy who tolerates all my yarn hoarding and even remodeled a bedroom in our house to be an awesome craft room. We don’t have children of our own but we do have two dogs I’m obsessed with. Cher is a 12 year old Chihuahua Pug Mix and Jellybean is a 4 year old 5lb Chihuahua. Both are rescues and they make coming home every day a delight. My Instagram stories are filled with their antics and they’re the best snugglers while I’m knitting in the evening.
I learned to knit in the spring of 2011 taking a class at a local yarn shop in DC. It took about a month or so before it all clicked and then I was hooked. But in the beginning I wanted to vomit every time I tried to knit. I’m a bit intense sometimes and the Virgo in me wants to get things right and perfect even on a first try. Once I learned how to relax and just knit a new world opened up to me.
I am always knitting and thinking about my next project. I knit A LOT. You can read a recap on 2016’s projects here but I knit 25 sweaters in a year on top of other projects last year. I think that’s why so many people ask me to make them things but again…I knit on my on timeline. My favorite color is green but in all honesty I just love all color. The brighter the better and any opportunity to combine 2 or more colors is a perfect project to me.
Self portrait
I should also mention I’m a Digital Strategist by day and an adjunct professor at Howard University teaching Social Media Marketing. So social media is the thing that I think about the most and I also blog because I make my students do it and I like to stay on top of what’s new and happening. But I also love the community around knitting and yarn. I’ve met (online and in person) some pretty amazing people because of things I’ve shared on the internet. So this is me, Dana, in a nutshell. Oh and I like to take pictures where my mouth is wide open…a lot. It just makes me laugh.

So please, tell me a little bit about yourself too! Oh and ask questions as well. I’m happy to answer them. And if you’re new to Yards of Happiness, welcome.