FO: Agnes for Jessica

I love sweater knitting but I really love when I can make a sweater for someone else and it fits them perfectly and is just a fun piece to add to their wardrobe. So that’s why I’m super in love with the Agnes sweater I made for my BFF Jess.
Jess in her Agnes sweater
Jess’s birthday was on the 11th and I knew she was going to go to Sweden for vacation and I wanted to give her a good piece to throw on while traveling. The weather in Sweden is a lot like San Francisco this time of year so I thought why I not have a great pullover with pockets that she could throw on when the nights got chilly? Also the Agnes sweater is a bulky weight so I knew it would be a quick knit.
Agnes sweater
I had enough of the Knit Picks Billow yarn from my Teazel cardigan to make Jess’s sweater (I knit the smallest size of the pattern) and decided to punch it up and use a Lorna’s Laces special release from Jimmy Bean’s Wool I bought a while ago and hadn’t used. The color is called He Who Must Not Be Named and since I’m a big Harry Potter fan I thought this was a fun one to add to my stash. I used one skein and doubled it up to meet the bulky weight needed for the ribbing but it paired so perfectly with the Lichen color of Billow it was like it was meant to be together. Plus, I figured a little wool around the neckline, wrists and pockets would make this a perfect fall/winter/spring type of sweater with the super soft cotton body.
Jess in her Agnes sweater
And the pockets! These perfect little pockets. I want to add them to every sweater pattern from now on.
For the pockets I used some leftover Berroco Vintage yarn that I had from a 7 color basketweave scarf my husband requested 2 years ago (he’s very specific in his requests and this was before I was good about documenting projects on Ravelry). Jess loved the sweater and promptly packed it for her trip and I’m happy that the fit is so good on her.
I’m also so in love with this sweater that when I popped over to Fibre Space on Friday and they had just enough skeins of Ella Rae Chunky in my favorite shade of green at 40% off I knew I was going to make one for myself. I’ve also got some yellow and blue yarn in my stash which also happens to be both of my sisters’ favorite colors. Agnes sweaters for all!


FO: Fidra for a Funny Lady

Selfie with EJ
On Christmas day I whipped up a hat for one of my girlfriends that was coming over the next day. I’ve known Erin since college, she was first a sports writer and then my copy editor when I was Editor-in-Chief of the Bison Yearbook back at Howard. She’s been a long time friend and one of the few people who I am willing to knit for because she gets it and appreciates it. Erin is also a comedian! I think she’s my friend who I laugh with the most, not because she’s telling me jokes but because she has the craziest sh*t happen in life. And those moments eventually do become a part of her act. She moved to NY a while ago and travels a lot doing shows and I miss seeing her on a regular basis. So when she said she’d be driving back to NY and going my way I knew I needed to whip up something for her.
Enter, Fidra, a bulky weight quick knit with just enough lace to make it interesting. As with a lot of my hat projects, I did not do a gauge swatch. I know I should but I’m usually trying to not waste that 1 ball of yarn I have left to make a hat with. I know. I know. So I went with the size 9 and 10 needles per the pattern and I’ve been holding onto the Ella Rae Chunky in my stash specifically for something for her in hot pink because I love Erin in pink. She wears a ton of black and grey and I think pink always POPS on her.
EJ wearing Fidra
Since I didn’t do a gauge swatch I think it came out slightly looser than it would have but I actually liked the little bit of slouchiness to it. Erin didn’t want a pom pom added on top and when she was wearing it in my kitchen she said she was starting to get a little warm – so we know it will be nice and toasty for those on again off again wintery days we’re having on the east coast. Next I think I need to whip one up for myself on the weekend in black and white for a new coat I bought before Christmas. I mean, I initially learned to knit just to make hats so clearly I need to knit myself one!

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