December 2018 Finished Objects

December FO
I still feel weird saying that it’s 2019 but a new year is here! And that means I get to do my last month recap of what I knit. December was a highly productive month of finished objects.


I think I was so productive because this month was light on teaching so I had more time. Now I’m prepping for the new semester and getting myself ready to go back to the classroom but this has been a refreshing and much needed break to reset. Now to figure out what I want to make this year.


FO: The Shawl Collared Vest

A while ago, my husband and I were watching the show Power and the main character had on a lovely navy blue shawl collared vest. My husband leaned over and asked, ‘could you make me something like that?’ and I immediately responded yes. I ordered blue yarn…and then later he said he didn’t want a blue vest. Why does this man do this to me every time? LOL So I decided to use this opportunity to try a new to me yarn, Berroco Remix and make up a vest for my husband.
Kendell’s knits
I’m pleased with the end results, although I questioned myself the entire way. You also get to see his hat I knit him!
Kendell’s knits
I went with Remix yarn because he doesn’t like to be too hot (or smile in photos) and it’s a mix of non-wool that’s light and has a soft drape. I randomly picked the color patina, it’s a grey brown with flecks of white so I paired it with dark grey buttons from my stash. Remix knits almost like a Noro silk blend but I didn’t feel like it was as fragile as when I knit my rainbow cardigan with a silk yarn. Now I love the end results of the yarn so much I want to knit something for myself in a pink or teal color. I took about two months to finish this because I just didn’t want to do all the stockinette for the body but in the end I finished it for him.
Kendell’s knits
I based this around the instructions for a saddle shoulder sweater from the Knitter’s Handy Book of Top Down Sweaters. I made garter stitch saddles and trim since the yarn is so tweedy I didn’t think anything else would really stand out. And I used short rows to make the shawl collar. Since I used garter stitch I didn’t have to pick up the wraps, they just blend right on in. I could’ve gone bigger with the collar but I always worry it’ll be too big until I’ve finished it. I also use a stretchy bind off to make sure it lays flat. I think I could’ve added a touch more length to the body but he seems to be okay with the finished item. And hopefully he will wear it often. This was a pretty good project to end my 2018 on, now on to many more!

Stitching Status: Closing Out The Year

It’s New Year’s Eve and I’m ready for two days of lounging, knitting on the couch snuggled between the dogs and my husband while we watch TV marathons. I was actually able to finish his vest before the end of the year! Hopefully I can get a picture of him in it before he’s back to work this week. I’m also now obsessed with the lightness of the Berroco Remix yarn I used for it and of course I want to make myself something with it in 2019. I’ve also been looking at the Best Nine of my photos on Instagram this year and of course they’re all knitting related.
I don’t post a ton but what I do post that is liked the most are my sweaters! No surprise here. But I also love seeing the range of colors I post too.
Of course shades of teal from my kitchen wall are always prominent but this year my colors varied a lot. I knit the rainbow and there is lots of pink! But I definitely see more green in my future. Whatever 2019 holds, I know for sure there will be more knitting and more joy. Here’s hoping your new year is your best yet! See you in 2019.