FO: Inspired by Beanie Beanie

I designed a hat!
Beanie Beanie
Last month when I was knitting Jellybean’s Rosco sweater I feel in love with the main stitch used for the body, the right twist stitch.
When she was laying in my lap wearing her sweater I kept saying ‘I really love this stitch pattern, I should make a hat out of this.’ So I did! Look at those stitches, aren’t they just yummy?!
Beanie Beanie
The previous day when I was out running errands with my husband I saw this post on Fibre Space’s Instagram account and noticed there were small leopard printed faux fur pom poms in the pic. I love a good tiny dose of animal print. I had to have one and I said it out loud and my sweet husband said, ‘well, we’re close to Fibre Space if you want me to stop.’ I love that man. He stopped but what was hilarious was that he had already been to Fibre Space twice to buy my Christmas gift (a camo print Field Bag, some enamel pins for it and a gift card). And when I grabbed a pom pom I happened to see some perfectly matching camel color Woolfolk yarn, Luft near the register that told me it needed to also come with me so I picked up two skeins. I will admit, I’d wanted to try out the yarn but it’s a little expensive so I was happier to just buy two skeins with a purpose.
Beanie Beanie
Since Luft is a bulky weight yarn and is a super soft blend of cotton and merino wool I wanted to do something a little slouchy and fun. I figured out the match to do a hat with the right twist stitch and then did the crown in garter stitch.
Beanie Beanie
I love the final outcome. Now my only question is, would anyone else be interested in me writing up this pattern? I was thinking of making a hat for my cousin and working out the pattern again and I’d probably want someone else to test it for me too. Let me know if you’d be interested in the pattern or helping to test it out!


Year in Review: 2017

2017 Year in Review
You guys…it’s that time of year where I look back at my year of knitting in total. 2017 was a really good year knitting wise (you can read 2016’s year in review too). Politics wise…well that sucked. Life wise…pretty darn great. I’m heading into 2018 with big personal and professional plans for myself and the hopes for some really positive changes in my life. This year is about focusing more on joy and doing what makes me happy. Life is just too short to be miserable. And of course my hope is always for more knitting. So let’s talk about what I was able to accomplish in 2017.

This year by the numbers: 61 finished objects overall

  • Sweaters: 27 (that includes short sleeve and long sleeve adult sized garments)
  • Shawls/Cowls/Scarves: 4
  • Dog Sweaters: 5
  • Baby Clothes (sweaters and dresses): 7
  • Toys: 4
  • Hats: 7
  • Vests: 1
  • Ties: 1
  • Baby Blankets: 2
  • Tiny Dog Cowl: 1
  • Baby Crown: 1
  • Baby Socks: 1

This year I was selfish and knit more for myself than I have in years past but there were still a lot of things I gave away. And in all honesty I just make what I feel like making instead of making things I feel obligated to or feel pressured into – that takes the joy out of something I love doing so much. And throughout the year I’ve blogged and shared it all with all of you. I read and try to respond to each and every comment, email and Instagram message/comment. You guys excite me, inspire me and are such great resources for so many things knitting related and even just life stuff. So thank you for reading and sharing in my joy. Here’s to all of us getting to knit a lot more in 2018. And keep reading to get links to every monthly recap of what I made this year.

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December’s FO’s

Happy New Year! Let’s kick off the new year with December FO’s, shall we?
December’s FO
There are a few things I’ve yet to share with you that I even finished on the last day of the new year:

I actually accomplished a lot this month since I didn’t focus on Christmas gifts. What were you able to accomplish the last month of 2017? And what are you starting to knit this year?! I’ve decided to start my year off with a Comfort Fade Cardigan! And on Wednesday I’ll do a year in review of everything I was able to knit.