Harry Potter Knitting Magic: Meet the Buckbeak Pullover

Sometimes I feel like 2019 was a bit of a blur. Last year was jammed packed with new adventures and experiences but for the majority of the spring, I was managing a senior dog that was slowly losing her battle with heart failure. A lot of my March and April I actually spent knitting my secret projects for the Harry Potter Knitting Magic book and that also meant I got to spend a lot of that time with Cher curled up next to me. I feel like she’s infused in this project (I’m definitely sure there was a dog hair or two caught up in it). I hadn’t shared the second project in the book and now that it’s out I thought I’d share the Buckbeak pullover I designed.

I make sweaters for myself all the time and when Tanis Gray reached out to me to see if I’d be interested in submitting a design concept I was kind of terrified. I’m not a designer, just someone who really loves to knit and sometimes works up custom things. I told her I definitely had no clue how to grade a pattern and she reassured me that she had a tech editor who would take all my notes and translate it into a real design. This is my concept board that I created for my submission.

We were charged with pulling inspiration from the movies and I have always loved Buckbeak in the Prison of Azkaban movie. So I thought, why not make something that mimics the look of feathers, has a bit of a gradient to match his color and do a full sleeve to represent wings. It’s crazy to me how I sketched this idea and was able to bring it to life.

Buckbeak sweater

I made a smaller sample size for the book and when it was finished I took it over to Jess’s to have her try it on because she was small enough to fit it. I was scared no one would get their head through it LOL. It’s very surreal to see people adding this to their queue and several people have messaged me about how much they love this pullover. Even seeing Gaye of GGMadeIt making both of my designs made me feel so proud.

GG in her Buckbeak
Gaye of GG Made It wearing Buckbeak, the yarn was dyed by Adella (right) of Lola Bean Yarn

I’ve tried to not limit myself, not be afraid of the what-ifs and just go for things. I’m glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and made something special and that people are enjoying it. That’s all I really want to do in life, do things that make me happy and this definitely makes me happy. I don’t know if I’ll ever be a sweater designer but I know to never say never. And if you bought the book because of me or my designs, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can’t wait to see what you make and share on Ravelry.

23 Replies to “Harry Potter Knitting Magic: Meet the Buckbeak Pullover”

  1. I truly enjoyed this project! Not only did it improve my knitting skills it improved my sexy. Baby this sweater fits right 😂

    1. I became aware of the book because of you, and I ADORE your Buckbeak pattern! I received a copy of the book for my birthday, and I cannot wait to knit this sweater. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity and love for HP with all of us.

  2. Don’t know which I love better, Buckbeak or the Beaux Batons cape, but I love them both. Which to make first? Maybe I’d wear a pullover more often – but the cape would be good for summer . . . so hard to choose!

  3. Great design! I don’t know anything about Harry Potter, but I would definitely knit this (and if I knit it in gray, I’d probably earn points with my granddaughter).

  4. Congratulations! Yes,I definitely ordered this book because of you. All the best to you and Miss Jellybean.

  5. BOOM! You ARE a sweater designer. You’ve been published and everything! AND you made art from someone else’s art ( Harry Potter ), which is kind of amazing in and of itself, even if nobody ever sees it but you! Truly inspiring.

  6. Great designs! And yes, I definitely pre-ordered the book because I knew your designs would be inside.
    You are so talented.

  7. I saw this on Ravelry when it first came out and was drawn to it before I noticed you were the designer. When I did notice, I was majorly impressed. It is a wonderful design that really captures the inspiration. Way to go, Dana!!

  8. I totally bought the book because of you. Well, you and Harry Potter. 😃

  9. I’ve been so inspired by the way you dive into new techniques and projects, Dana! I love the Buckbeak sweater… and I’ve been counting up all the techniques and projects I’ve tried just because you’ve shown them in a friendly, accessible way. Yoked sweaters, color work, combining bits and pieces of patterns to make the ones I really want… You’re the best!

  10. OMG!!! It’s gorgeous. I need another sweater like a hole in the head but I’m definitely putting this in my queue. You’re a GREAT designer.

  11. I didn’t realise this was your design when my copy of the book arrived. I love it! I’m tempted to make it with fitted sleeves as that’s just my style but the original is gorgeous. I was really happy to (eventually) notice your name as the designer as I’ve enjoyed reading your blog for ages. Thanks for great patterns, an entertaining blog and generally enriching my knitting life

  12. OMG!!! Jess looks great! and the design is AWESOME!!! Way to go, DWJ!!! I’m you’ve stopped saying “I’ll never do this . . . I’ll never do that . . . ” Because i DO remember the day that you said (when you were making your cape) you were not going to be creating patterns. Buckbeak Pullover is gorgeous & not only does it have feathers, it also has WINGS!!! 🙂 So very proud of u!

  13. Beautiful sweater! We just watched Prisoner of Azkaban – Buckbeak is the best part – he is beautiful and your interpretation is lovely!
    GGmadeit’s version is stunning – always fun to see the colors people choose

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