FO: Five Color Frid Sweater

My very last finished object of 2019 was my five color Frid Sweater. A fun knit, lots of color and super quick.

Frid sweater

Sometimes when I want to accomplish a lot I go with bulky knits, hence why all my projects in December were knit on big needles and either big yarn or two strands held together. That way I can accomplish something pretty quickly. So when I won the Love Crafts Knitting Blog of the Year 2019 (thanks for voting for me), they offered me a prize of yarn! I decided to go with their MillaMia Naturally Soft Super Chunky yarn and I told them to surprise me with a rainbow of colors. When the yarn arrived the 10 balls took up a bit of space.

I decided I should just go ahead and pick a super bulky pattern and whip something up really quickly with it. I remembered seeing this Jen Geigley sweater pattern that just had a bunch of super bulky yarn in a bunch of colors and I had also seen the Good Night, Day Frid sweater pattern and liked the full sleeves. So I made a mash up of both!

Frid sweater

I knit this main body using size 17 needles and this was super quick. I just kept knitting until I got to the end of the ball and even weighed the yarn so I knew how much I would need for the sleeves. I will admit that it’s a super warm sweater – not one I’ll wear to school – but it’s also super soft. A great weekend sweater to throw on.

Frid sweater

And that completes my finished objects from 2019! Phew, I made it. Next up recaps of what all 2019 brought my way – it was jam packed. What was your favorite knit in 2019?

14 Replies to “FO: Five Color Frid Sweater”

  1. Congrations! You are amazing. I loved the hat with hearts you knit. I bought that pattern and knit one for myself and my daughter. May 2020 bring us more fun knitting!

  2. How did you calculate how many grams/ounces of yarn to save for the sleeves? I’m planning to knit some striped sweaters this year to make the best use of my stash and have been wondering how to figure this out.
    Your sweaters always delight and amaze me. Your knitting output is awe inspiring.

    1. Weigh your yarn and then knit a portion and then weigh it again to see how much you used. So you could determine how much each stripe would require.

  3. I love the pure primary colors pops. My first sweaters were bulky yarn on size 13+ needles.I love how the stitches define themselves. Perhaps a cotton or bamboo bulky yarn might be less warm??

  4. What a fun sweater! I love a piece that works up quickly. I’m also curious: have you shared a post about how you store your pieces? One of the things that keeps me from knitting more for myself is a concern about space to store all of my knits.

    1. They’re just on a shelf in my walk in closet, but I do store them in bins during off season in my basement.

  5. I knit a bulky hat for my SIL because she lives in Minneapolis, but the instant gratification was definitely a bonus! This is very cute and cheerful. 🙂

  6. Congratulations on winning LoveCrafts Blogger of the year👏😘 Well deserved Dana!!

  7. Gorgeous and perfectly matches your pants. Happy New Year Dana!

  8. This would be the first sweater I’d knit if I had the skills. Alas, I’m still knitting caps. You give me much to aspire to. 🙂

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