FO: Super Simple Summer Sweaters

Yeah…the Joji Locatelli Super Simple Summer Sweater was so easy and the cotton was so soft and nice I HAD to make Jellybean one. Right? LOL

Super Simple Summer Sweater

I get asked a lot how do I determine what sweater to make next and it’s honestly whatever tickles my fancy. When I saw the pattern for this I thought I’d make it because it was a cute striped sweater. I liked the circular yoke and the split hem and I thought about making it in cotton so I had an all year kind of pullover.

Super Simple Summer Sweater

And then I got my order of Birdies Knits worsted weight cotton and I just wanted to cast on something with it immediately – but what? I know most people don’t think of a variegated colors for stripes, but I’m not most people. It felt like it would work. It’s so fun and I love picking out all the little colors in the speckles.

And then I decided I wanted to pair it with another cotton yarn to make something fun and this pattern was just the right one at the right time. I mixed the Birdies Knits cotton in Umbrella Drink with Berroco Pima 100 in Evergreen – which looks more teal than dark green to me. But I could see little flecks of the solid green running through the variegated color and I knew it would work.

Super Simple Summer Sweater

For Jellybean’s version I stayed true to the pattern. Her stripe repeats were only 8 rows long vs my 24 rows long stripes. But she got the split him and all the same tiny details around the collar and finished edges that my version got. That’s the part I like most about making dog sweaters, I make tiny replicas of patterns I really loved making for myself. It makes it kind of special and fun to have something that we can match in when I want us to be coordinated (which is often).

Super Simple Summer Sweater

Making Jellybean’s sweater doesn’t take much time or effort but it sure does bring me joy. And she sure is cute in it.

Super Simple Summer Sweater

I’m happy, she’s warm – that’s all the matters.

44 Replies to “FO: Super Simple Summer Sweaters”

  1. Once again a beautiful pair of sweaters. You’re such an inspiration Dana. I love that Jellybean has all the details in her sweater too.

  2. I really like the idea of using varigated yarn for the stripes…such a design plus.

  3. I listened to your video yesterday about tools – very good and informative – and this sweater was a wip and now it’s finished and lovely! And Jellybeans too! Both look great!

  4. Great sweaters! You both look adorable in them! Your blog makes me smile. You are such an inspiration! Oh, and Jellybean is too.

  5. Beautiful sweaters! Love to see Jellybean matching her mom.

  6. Absolutely beautiful sweater. I am looking up the pattern in Ravelry! It will be my next sweater project. I love your blog posts.

  7. This is so cute ❣️ I always love your yarn and sweater choices. I just made an “as if tee”. Using cumulus yarn for the bottom half. I’m so glad you talked about the cumulus yarn, it is so soft and cuddly. You might want to check out the pattern. It knits up fast and her combination of mohair for the top yoke and regular yarn on the bottom is fun.

  8. Omgosh! Your colors just sing to me!!! I have a weakness for teal😍💙💚 Jelly’s sweater is just adorable! I’m starting my first cotton top, Drapey Cowl Neck tank top, in Cascade Nifty Cotton in a variegated blue, green, white. Hope it has the right drape factor;)

  9. I love teals-my art room walls are almost the same color as yours.
    I saw that pattern but yours in the bright colors made me take a double look and I just bought it.

  10. So stinking cute!!!! I’m still slugging away on my Guthrie and you’ve knit 3 sweaters! Part of my problem is that I love watching the colors come together so I find myself drifting off getting lost in the beauty 🙄need a little more discipline 🥰

  11. I love your blog and your color choices! Jellybean is so fashionable!!

  12. I love your matching sweaters and the solid is perfect with the variegated. Thinking about doing something with vertical stripes, same idea, variegated with solids. So enjoy your blogs and videos!

  13. OMG! I love your posts, my to do list is growing by leaps and bounds 😉 I stalk you so I won’t miss a post!

  14. Dana, I love your sweater (& Jellybean’s). I think your speckled stripes teal/green are better than the original. Magic. (And I love Joji).

  15. Those colors look great on Jellybean–though I’m not sure I’ve seen any that don’t suit her or you for that matter. And you two together? I think my monitor is about to blow up. And I can’t believe how fast a knitter you are. Unless you shot the last video way before you posted it?

  16. Your sweate:r is awesome! Just a question, though: The sleeve seems low. Is that the pattern or your choice? Do you like it that way? I’m thinking of buying the pattern. Another question: Can you discuss and hopefully video your knitting techniques? I’d like to learn how you can knit so fast.!

    1. That’s a pretty standard sleeve for a circular yoke sweater. I didn’t modify anything with this pattern and I’m fine with it.

  17. I love your sweaters and the matching jellybean sweaters! My daughter has a chihuahua and I would love to buy your dog sweater patterns. Are they available for purchase?

    1. I don’t sell patterns, but I’ve done a write-up on Mason-Dixon knitting about how I adapt patterns.

  18. Your baby girl looks as wonderful as you do in the sweater! It makes both of you smile and that is what knitting is all about.

  19. I adore your sweaters so much and wish I had the time to make as many as you do 🙂 Those colors are absolutely gorgeous together and I don’t know why I haven’t thought to make stripes with a variegated yarn before! I also wished my chiweenie would wear clothes. Alas, they are not for her unless it’s winter out and we’re going for a walk. Beautiful work, as always!

  20. The sweater looks GREAT on you, and the pictures of you and Jellybean are the CUTEST … PICTURES … EVER!!!!! (On a personal note — I’ve had an EXTREMELY stressful morning, and that picture of your two sweaters together just kicked the remaining stress right out of my system! THANK YOU!!!!!)

  21. Love your variegated stripes. And I love knitting sweaters with cotton too. It seems we have very similar taste, and I almost always “favorite” whatever sweater you share. 🙂

  22. So cute, the both of you! I love your variegated stripes.

    Your FO pictures are always picture perfect! I think I spy a remote shutter release in your hand? I’m going to have to try that; DH doesn’t have patience for my FO pic process. I just have to find a more streamlined way to do it myself.

  23. A beautiful sweater! I love how you used variegated yarn for striping. What a cool idea. Jellybean’s sweater is adorable 🐶💕

  24. I didn’t stop smiling while reading this! The sweater is beautiful, you’re beautiful, and Jellybean is so freaking adorable!!! 💕

  25. I love both sweaters! The color combination has given me some ideas to think about for future sweaters too.

  26. Gah! Jellybean’s sweater is sooo cute and she is sooo cute in it! This sweater is running tied with the heart sweater for me. My brain is exploding on adorable. Your sweater is super cute too, of course. 😜 And you look great in it. Love that you use variegated for big thick stripes! I have so far only used it for skinny two row stripes. I’m going to try big stripes now. It looks great with the solid!

  27. How did I miss this?. So refreshing for summer. This is my new favorite. My old favorite is practically every other sweater you share with Jelly Bean. Plus the tank tops (which probably aren’t Jelly Bean’s best “look” anyway). Chloe

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