Video: Let’s Talk About Knitting Your First Sweater

I used the free time I had on Sunday to record a quick video! I actually got all my reading for school finished and prepped for my teaching too. Phew. I keep getting lots of questions about knitting your first sweater so I thought I’d give a few tips.

In this video I cover the following:

I hope you enjoy!

7 Replies to “Video: Let’s Talk About Knitting Your First Sweater”

  1. Thank you so much! This is the info. I need. I will definitely pick one if these to knit.

  2. That’s immensely helpful. With so many beautiful patterns out there, am having a hard time picking something for my first sweater. What is positive ease that patterns talk about? Should I be knitting a larger size than my bust size to have to have the positive ease?

  3. Great video Dana, thank you!! Being a newish knitter, I have read alot and watched a lot of videos and Patty Lyons has had a huge influence on me so I am a dedicated swatcher;) but knitters that don’t swatch, ever, are not gonna change and that’s just the way it is!! I appreciate the links you always include.

  4. Excellent Videoblog. Permission to think outside the pattern box. Your color/yarn
    choices are always gorgeous and fun.

  5. Usually, if I see a person and a dog, my eye goes directly to the dog and stays there, but you are compelling enough that I’m actually looking at you and paying attention to what you say despite the captivating (and adorably sleepy) JB. Thanks for the tips. I paused the video to go measure my arm length!

  6. Great video Dana! Thank you for taking the time to make it.

  7. Great video Dana! Thank you for taking the time to make it. (Hope this isn’t a duplicate comment ???)

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