FO: Allison Cardigan

It took me a while to finish this cardigan because there was a lot of knitting and purling of the body, but it was totally worth it. Meet my Allison Cardigan, pattern by Hannah Fettig.

DWJ Allison cardigan

Full disclosure, Hannah reached out to me to see if I was interested in knitting this pattern for her in a color. All her samples and tests were done in neutrals and she really wanted to see what color I would go with for this pattern and she even gave me some Quince & Co Owl yarn to knit it with. I’ve never used Owl before, it’s a wool and alpaca blend. I was interested in trying it out but it just hadn’t been in my budget. I chose the color Yucca, a springy yellow with a hint of green to it.

DWJ Allison cardigan

I live for cardigans, I really do. They’re a nice warm layer and sometimes a great alternative to a jacket in the fall or spring. And I love anything with pockets, so I loved her idea of doing a pop of color for the pocket on this pattern. So even if you knit it in a neutral you can still add a little pop to the body with your pocket. I had another color of Owl that I could’ve used but it didn’t pop enough for me against Yucca so I went with some leftover Madelinetosh I had from this brioche hat because I thought the turquoise would be a great accent.

DWJ Allison cardigan

I was totally right. LOL It’s a fun pop and it matches nicely with the bright wall in my kitchen. Oh and for anyone curious about my t-shirt, it’s the Wild Fang Women’s History Month Wild Feminist T-shirt. They have a few sizes still left.

21 Replies to “FO: Allison Cardigan”

  1. Gorgeous sweater. You mentioned doing lots of purling. Have you ever considered Portuguese purling? I’ve done this when I have large sections of purling and it’s pretty quick.

      1. You wrap the yarn around your neck to provide tension (or use aspecial pin) and use your your left thumb to purl. You can get some speed up with this method.

  2. WOW! Great color and I love the surprise in the pocket lining. How did you learn to mix colors so well? I always find it intimidating. This is a fabulous cardi–enjoy!

  3. love! love! love! this.. and it looks really great on you!! great job for sure!

  4. You are so gorgeous in your cardigan and tee. And your sense of style and color is WOW. Love you and am inspired by writing.

  5. I love this and the picture of you pulling out the pocket to show the color just fills me with joy.

  6. Hi! I love this and just bought the pattern. Did you make it a little longer? It almost looks like yours is longer than the one on the pattern. I like longer! Love the colours!

  7. I just love your sense of style! I hope you and Jellybean and your husband are finding peace in your beautiful memories of Cher 🌈❤️

  8. I’ve been wanting to make this cardigan. I love yours in the happy Spring color. I’m off to get the pattern.

  9. Gorgeous knitting, as always, and the “pop” color is PERFECT! So glad to see you looking happy and beautiful ❤️

  10. Everything always looks so beautiful on you. A lot of the things I knit, I do not like when I have finished them

  11. That cardigan looks GREAT on you …. and you have the most beautiful smile!!!

  12. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for putting out to the world that you are a WILD FEMINIST!!! It gets so old seeing women saying, “I’m not a feminist…” Honey, if we aren’t all feminists, we sure as heck should be!! Well done, Dana!!!
    PS LOVE the main color and the blue is perfect accent!

    1. Hahahahaha I love that they do wild feminist shirts. I have another one I wear to work where it looks like stripes but it’s tiny text that just reads wild feminist 😂

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