FO: A Glass Ceiling Sweater for Jellybean

I couldn’t resist. I made Jellybean a coordinating Glass Ceiling sweater to match mine.
Glass ceiling sweaters
It never takes me long and when it’s this quick and easy, you just can’t resist. I also try to make the sweaters look very similar in shape to mine so you’ll notice this sweater has a bit more ease built into it.
Glass ceiling sweaters
It’s almost like a little dress but it’s all so soft and cozy. Also, look at her tiny popped paw. She’s so stinking cute.
Glass ceiling sweaters
From the side view you can see that it’s a fuller sweater, I wanted to try something a bit different. I just added in an additional row of increases before I separated for the sleeves to make sure she had the ease built into the sweater. Since I’m working with a much smaller space on Jellybean sized sweaters (reminder, she’s just at 6lbs which is a little bit for a chihuahua) I had to reduce the amount of colors I incorporated into her yoke. I decided to omit the orange-red and the final deep blue. But I kept the black ribbing at the neckline and hem.
Glass ceiling sweaters
Is it silly to make her a sweater? Perhaps but honestly, she’s always cold. Her little hairless belly makes anything below 50 degrees a bit too cool for her, so she’s wearing clothes every day. And does it make it happy? Absolutely, so I’ll keep on doing it. And if you’re wondering if Cher feels left out…
She’s been shedding like crazy as her fuller winter coat comes in and she could care less if she’s wearing a sweater or not. She’ll survive. LOL

22 Replies to “FO: A Glass Ceiling Sweater for Jellybean”

  1. I love her little sweater! And it’s absolutely not silly, it wouldn’t be nice to let her be cold.

  2. Best. Picture. Ever.!!!!!
    It is absolutely not silly. She needs the sweaters for warmth and we need them for entertainment purposes!

  3. Dana, your joy is contagious! Thanks for the light and brightness you bring. You have no idea how much I love your posts. Best wishes for 2019!

  4. Who cares if it’s silly?! It’s so much more than that — it’s love.

  5. The two of you are so cute. Keep up the good work. Enjoy reading your post. You go girl. May you have a very Happy New Year!!!

  6. Every time I see you and Jellybean I have the urge to get a rescue Chihuahua and make little tiny sweaters. I have a much larger rescue dog, a Thai Ridgeback mix, who also has a hairless belly and needs to wear coats outside when it’s below 50, or even 55. Unfortunately he doesn’t like to have anything fitted put on him. Knit Jellybean a thousand sweaters, they are so cute!

    1. I never thought I’d be a tiny dog person but the moment they handed me Jellybean I knew she was meant to be my girl ☺️

  7. That sweater ins the best colors for Jellybean! The dress might be a bit big but she looks so cute. Do you share your dog patterns? I am sure others might like to make some of them. So cute! You saved the best for last of the YEAR! Great job.

  8. It is not silly. You make me smile which we all need to do more. Do what makes you come alive!

  9. Too cute! And if I didn’t comment on on this when you posted your Glass Ceiling sweater the first time, I think that black trim is genius – it just makes it extra special eye-pleasing goodness. Stay warm and Happy New Year!

  10. Oh I like! Your little family is so photogenic, and these sweaters are gorgeous. Always such happiness!

  11. Obviously, the world loves your little sweaters! I certainly do!

  12. That little sweater is adorable and y’all look great in your matching outfits. I would love to be able to knit for my dog but she would eat me in my sleep if I asked her to wear a sweater. She’s a foxhound and prides herself on being independently tough as nails. 🙂

  13. It’s not silly! It’s fabulous!! I love seeing your matching knitwear. I make my dog’s and Furiends Sweaters all the time. It makes me Happy and my girls love them 💗✨!

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