An Interview with Pom Pom Quarterly

You remember that tiny sweater that caused a bit of buzz on Instagram?
Well the team at Pom Pom Quarterly were so utterly tickled by it they wanted to get to know me more. They asked me if I’d be up for a Skype interview for their latest podcast and I obliged. I really do love Pom Pom. I used to work in publishing (and was a former yearbook editor) so I really have a lot of respect for what this small team of women are able to put together throughout the year and I’m always waiting on pins and needles for the latest issue. You can listen to the latest episode below or subscribe to their podcast wherever you listen to podcasts! Enjoy.

Durumi tees

8 Replies to “An Interview with Pom Pom Quarterly”

  1. Our next door neighbor was a freshman when I was a senior, so she was just mentioning that she has the yearbook I edited. Iā€™m not going to say how many years ago that was. šŸ™‚ Looking forward to the podcast! Pompom is awesome!

  2. Such fun to hear your voice and the infectious enthusiasm and positivity you share! Just what I needed this week. You may remember my mentioning caring for my mother with hospice help… Well, my little bird got her wings two weeks ago. I’m glad that her long struggle is over, but am having some sad times nonetheless. So. A very good time to check in here and see your latest projects. Belated congrats on the new professional and academic endeavors! I was a grad school registrar for many years, so have some idea of the weighty task you’ve set yourself. I’m on Team DWJ for the duration! I have this image of all your knitter fans showing up when you get your degree — wearing sweaters inspired by your posts!

  3. Wwwooohhhooo! Ur a real celeb DWJ!!! I can say I knew u when…so thrilled for you! And it was a GREAT interview, well done!

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