Yarn Dreams

I’ve got lots of things going on and not enough time to really write here but wanted to send you positive vibes as you roll into your weekend. May you have sweet dreams filled with yummy yarn and doggy cuddles (if that’s your thing). Have a great weekend!

5 Replies to “Yarn Dreams”

  1. Thank you again, Dana, for beauty and joy. I went to a LYS yesterday for inspiration after leaving my hand surgeon’s office with a cast on my left arm. It will be there for six weeks for the treatment of Kienbock’s Disease, a rare disease of the wrist. My lunate bone in my wrist is degenerating due to lack of sufficient blood supply to that bone. If the cast doesn’t correct the problem, surgery is next. I haven’t made anything I’d hope to do this summer due to thumb arthritis and the pain in my wrist. I’ve also been working on a book proposal to send to a publisher for a biography I’m writing. I want to knit something, anything, just to get through my ongoing challenges. I would appreciate any ideas for a doable project with a cast. I’m dying to make a vest for fall. Thanks. Rosemary.

    1. Have you thought about trying arm knitting? Then maybe you could use the immobile arm and still make yourself something fun. So sorry to hear you can’t knit!

      1. Thanks. I know a little girl who taught herself arm knitting. I’ll have to look into that.

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