Stitching Status: Fast Weekends

GAHHH! How is it Monday?
Since we’ve moved our clocks back my dogs have been waking me up on Saturdays and Sundays around 6:30am, so my weekends have started earlier which gives me more time to knit. By 9:30am I’ve done grocery shopping, laundry and some cooking so I don’t feel bad about sitting down and watching some TV.
This weekend I watched the first season of Strangers Things with Cher and Jelly. I’m not a big sci-fi fan but my husband watched it and wanted me to give it a try. I don’t like monsters but the story gave me enough to be intrigued.
My sister’s birthday is today but she’s out of town so I’ve got a few more days to finish up her birthday gift. Since she reads the blog I won’t do a full reveal but here’s a sneak peek.
I’m in the last bit of knitting that I need to do and I’m excited because the yarn for my husband’s sweater arrives today! So once this is done I want to whip up two dog sweaters for the girls and then focus on a sweater for Kenny before the holidays. Then I might get to turn back to focusing on some knitting for me!


7 thoughts on “Stitching Status: Fast Weekends

  1. I’m just getting back to my knitting projects now and of course started a new one on Friday. Can’t wait to see how your husband’s sweater comes out!

    • I’m soooo excited that the yarn is here and the colors are just lovely!! And I’m secretly hoping to have enough leftover to make Cher a matching sweater since they’re BFFs LOL.

  2. So I’m having a day. More like a week or a month! I had two minutes before I need to leave the house and thought, what would help? Your blog popped into my head. It’s perfect. Thank you for making my life richer with your gorgeous knits, pics, attitude, and DOGS!!!! ❤️

    • Ahhh you made my day. I was feeling a bit of a grouch today and this perked me right on up. I’m not always cheery but try my best to choose joy and spread some too. Here’s a joyfilled future for you 😉

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