Gift Knitting: A Quick Idea for the Holidays

I used to do really elaborate gift guides for my old beauty and accessories blog back in the day. It was fun and I incorporated my friends and got to use my publication design skills to put together mini magazines and have fun…and then everyone started to do gift guides and I was over it. Added wrinkle now, I make a lot of my gifts for my closest family and friends so traditional gift guides don’t do it for me. But I thought I’d share a pattern or two between now and the holidays that I’ve seen/bought recently that would make lovely gifts.

First up, how lovely is this Asiri Necklace? I used to knit link chain necklaces and braided strand necklaces in my early knitting days. This makes me want to make some fun necklaces with cool colors of yarn or with a really indulgent skein of silk or cashmere. Added bonus, make it bigger and bolder with worsted weight yarn in a wild color! Clearly that’s what I’ll do when I make it for myself. LOL

Any fun patterns for gift knitting? Share! 

5 Replies to “Gift Knitting: A Quick Idea for the Holidays”

  1. My youngest daughter lives in Memphis. Not often temps for wool. Haven’t made this yet but I just bought the yarn for Swallows and Sparrows, two simple cowls made in linen. You can wear them together or separately.

    I got Shibui Reed in Caffeine (tan) and Imperial (dark violet). It’s a chainette, soft and with a sheen. Fingers crossed I will finish in time.–swallows

    I bookmarked the necklace pattern. Very nice!

      1. Have a nice time! I’m there a week later for a baby shower.

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