Helping Because of Harvey

I’ve been compiling and blasting out ways to help folks in Texas because of Hurricane Harvey for my job all week but thought why not also encourage people here too?
Karen from Fringe Association just put up a great blog post with ways to help and links to some knitting related ones but I thought I’d suggest one for animals. It has been well documented here how much I love my Cher and Jellybean – both are rescue dogs. My dogs are my family. And as I’ve seen footage of animals tied to trees and left abandoned or stranded on the tops of cars almost submerged in water looking terrified I’ve cried. Then I hugged my girls and then I donated.

For as much money as I’m willing to pay for a skein of yarn or for a week of morning lattes I’m willing to give that up this week to help those in need – including our furry friends. So I’d ask if you can spare a few dollars to please give whether it’s to the ASPCA or the Red Cross or any other organization that you like because we all need a helping hand sometimes.

3 Replies to “Helping Because of Harvey”

  1. that is so great that you are helping to contribute to the relief for Texas! Thanks for sharing so many great ideas.

  2. I grew up in Beaumont and went to grad school in Houston. My family is still in Beaumont, and I have many friends there and in Houston. Thank you for this, Dana. Lots of good people and animals will be struggling for a long time in the wake of Harvey. The help is much needed and much appreciated.

    1. First Texas and now Florida! I just can’t believe the devastation but just want to try to do my part. I hope your friends and family are all safe!

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