Preparing for a Make-along

I mentioned the other day I got my sewing stuff ready for the Summer of Basics Make-along Karen is hosting on her blog starting June 1. It got me thinking about the things I want to add to my wardrobe and what I want to make for myself. When I knit something I want to love it while I’m making it because I know I’ll love it even more when I’m wearing it. And let’s be honest, what I will pick in terms of color palette and even pieces to make aren’t what many consider basic but are basic to me and would be worn frequently. So I already said in terms of sewing I want to make the Willow Dress and I may even make a Willow Tank as well. I love layering tops and cardigans with jeans, slacks or pencil skits. That’s kind of my uniform.
Graffiti bridge cardigan
Add in a printed top, throw on a colorful cardigan and a neutral skirt/bottom. Boom, instant outfit. And if it’s cold, colorful tights. I also love an a line dress and cardigan combo hence why I picked the Willow dress. It’s most like what I would buy. So I think I want to make myself at least one cardigan and of course I’m thinking of doing a crazy one…
Royally Striped by Stephen West via Ravelry
I saw this version of the Royally Striped cardigan by Stephen West on Instagram. And then I also fell in love with this version as well.  I’ve been wanting another cardigan that would be fun and I think this one fits the bill. Plus scroll through all the finished projects on Ravelry – they’re amazing! My brain has been buzzing with color combinations from yarn I already have in my stash. Should I go grey and mint green with a royal blue pop? Or how about a warm brown neutral with some neon peach and bright pink pops?! The possibilities are pretty endless. I’m also going to Maryland Sheep and Wool on Sunday but have decided I’m sticking to a small budget and getting some neutrals to balance out some of my color. No big hauls and hopefully some fun buttons to add to my stash.

I also haven’t figured out what the third piece will be but I think it will be something green since in August I like to knit myself something for my birthday. And whenever I knit with green I’m happy. So is anyone else joining this Make-along? What are you thinking about making? Share!

6 Replies to “Preparing for a Make-along”

  1. My plans are to make a pair of Birkin jeans (yikes!), a Deer & Doe Plaintain t-shirt (free pattern), and a grey velour/velvet sweatshirt, using the Paxton pattern from Seamwork. I’ll be knitting throughout the summer as well, but these three things really feel like basics to me.

      1. Not sure my skills are there either, but you never know until you try, and I bought a remainder bolt of denim at a charity sale last summer so I’ve got lots to work with. If they work in denim, then I’m making a white version. Oh yeah, totally rocking the ’70s vibe.

  2. So excited for MDSW! I’m planning my purchases as well and leaving a little room for the yarn that I just can’t bear to leave behind.

  3. Exciting plans! I love the Stephen West cardi!! I’ll be living vicariously through you again this year at Maryland Sheep and Wool, so make sure we enjoy ourselves!!! Lol

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