Stitching Status: Cheers to the Weekend

April always seems to be such a chaotic month. My semester will be over soon and as much as I love teaching I’m always exhausted by the end of a semester. Balancing my full time job and teaching a college course is time consuming to say the least but I think I gave my students a good semester. And once school is over I can look forward to a late spring vacation. HOORAY! I’m already thinking about what I want to make myself and I’m itching to get some spring/summer knitting done for myself but want to finish a few projects for others in the meantime. So what have I been up to lately?
I was able to finish not one but two hats for Travis before he left for NY. We had a goodbye sit down family dinner last night and I made him his favorite, oatmeal raisin cookies with golden raisins. Such a specific request but it made him so happy when I told him what I was about to pop in the oven. I’m going to miss him but he reminded me that NY is just a bus ride away. I’m actually hoping to knit two more of this hat (1 for myself and 1 for another guest lecturer before he heads to London on vacation) and I’ll do a full post hopefully on all the hats next week.
In shopping news…I love a good pair of clogs and finally got to wear my insanely bright neon pink Sven clogs this week. This has made me more happy than any shoe probably has in a long time. If you like clogs and you like neon colors you may want to check out their closeout section for some awesome deals. They also have some non-neon options on closeout at great prices too but I’m always interested in the insanely colorful things in life. This is my second pair of Sven clogs, the others are a metallic silver pair I still love and have had for about 5 years.
And I got a haircut! I have a love hate relationship with my hair sometimes and when I’m in a rut I end up with a boring layered bob. I didn’t want boring hair anymore so I gave my stylists a few notes on what I wanted in a hairstyle (short, low maintenance and fun) and just let her do her thing. She’s been our family stylist for almost 20 years so she knows my hair and what to do and I think when I give her creative freedom over my hair she does her best work. I think it’s fun and a great update and goes well with the new funky glasses. Also yes, this is the second time this week I’ve worn my Little Women cardigan and I have a feeling I’ll have it on for Easter dinner on Sunday with the family too. It’s just so soft, I love this thing.
And to round out this week here’s a little video of Cher and Jellybean on our after work walk. I love how Jellybean hops like a little bunny and Cher always seems to serious on walks. These two make every day awesome in my book. Have a great weekend and happy Easter if you’re celebrating the holiday!

12 Replies to “Stitching Status: Cheers to the Weekend”

  1. I could go for some silver clogs! Your hair looks great, and I love those glasses. I just made a little schedule of things I’m hoping to make this summer and when. Even if I don’t adhere to it, it’s good for me to have some kind of plan. I’m easily distracted.

  2. Great post as always! SUPER cute hair!!! And of course, I love the video. 🙂

  3. A good short haircut always says that spring is truly here! Yours looks great. You’ve made my day a couple of times in a row now, with excellent referrals: that Little Knits sale really has me thinking about following your lead on the Little Women sweater; and I’d never seen Sven clogs before, but have been wanting to replace some I have loved. I wear kids’ sizes, so am excited to see that they are priced reasonably from the start. Thank you! Have a great Easter weekend with your family — including the fearless canine duo.

    1. I really like Little Knits for some of their deals, especially when I want to buy sweater quantity of yarn. As much as I make I need a good discount!

  4. I don’t know how you work a day job and teach at the same time. I barely survived teaching. Your hair is cute and the clogs with those pants are awesome! Love your cardigan and why the hell not? It’s not like you’re wearing the same clothes with it the second time. Speaking of which, I wonder if parents noticed I was wearing some clothes I worn in different outfits this week this past Thursday, LOL. My drawer’s hardware broke off when I tried to pull out the drawer and so I had to wear the tank and shirt that just got washed.

    1. Hahahahaha I doubt anyone noticed the clothes. And sometimes I wonder how I work and teach too but somehow I find a way to make it work. But please believe I will enjoy some time off!

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