FO: Ultimate Fan

This is my husband. He is a super NY Giants fan.
Ready for football!
The purchases he loves for the dogs are all NY Giants gear. Cher has a coat for winter, both dogs have jerseys and Cher has a bandana because her jersey is getting too big for her. So the other day we were in Lids and my husband saw this NY Giants hat
And he asked me, ‘you can make this for me, right?’ It’s just a simple ribbed knit cap and I immediately thought of the free Purl Soho pattern for the ribbed cuff hat that I’d made before. Yup, I can make that. Before we went home he took me to Joann’s to get the yarn I needed to make it for him.
Super fan
This is his beloved (and I sincerely mean beloved) NY Giants hat. On Black Friday I ordered a NY Giants sew on patch to add to the front…I still haven’t gotten it yet and the company isn’t responsive. Ugh. So for now there’s no patch but that doesn’t stop him from wearing it.
Super fan
It was a quick knit and I used a Deborah Norville worsted weight yarn in a bright Giants blue as the main body color. I added in some acrylic fingering weight yarn I picked up at Joann’s and I had some Cascade 200 fingering weight in the perfect shade of red to finish it off. I just held the strands double while I knitted and I got this heathered look like the original. He is so happy about this hat. I even caught him taking a selfie in the hat. LOL And that kind of happiness is why I love making stuff for the folks I love. He’ll still get a sweater but clearly this hat was more of a priority.

What’s a favorite item you’ve knit for someone you love?

8 Replies to “FO: Ultimate Fan”

  1. The feeling of realizing someone you love REALLY loves something you’ve knit for them is the best!

  2. I love when a spouse encourages knitting! I made my husband socks and love seeing him make sure to hang dry them. He takes care of them like little babies hahah

  3. That’s awesome! It DEFINITELY makes your knitting-heart skip a beat when your time and efforts are appreciated like that! Way to go, DWJ!

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