FO: NY Giants Sweater

It’s hard to believe that January is almost over and I’m still not finished sharing December’s finished objects! Oh and I’ve completed three sweaters so far in January, so it’s not like I’m slacking.
Ultimate fan sweater
My last sweater of 2016 was for my husband and of course it wasn’t the one he had originally requested. That’s kind of what happens with me and knitting. I knit was gets me excited at the moment. This sweater wasn’t in the plan but I was wearing this sweater:
Color blocked Lesley
My Colorblocked Lesley and I kept thinking about how soft it was that day at work. And when I looked at myself in the mirror I thought if I just replaced the green with red, this would be a perfect NY Giants sweater for Kenny. I asked him if he’d wear a Giants themed sweater and he said of course (mind you this was after theย hat I already made him). I still had leftover skeins of Mighty Stitch worsted in blue and white so I decided to whip up the Tea with Bread and Jam sweater (side note: this pattern name makes me think of this book we read a million times when I was a child) and I ordered some red to be the main color of the sweater. The only alternation I made to this pattern was to omit the pockets. I didn’t think he’d care about that little detail.
Giants sweater
I also found on Ebay a large vintage NY Giants patch that I thought would really pull it all together. I don’t know if the patch is authentic but it sure is cool and he loves it on the sweater. Right now it’s on with fabric fusion glue but I plan to hand sew it permanently into place on the chest.
Ultimate fan sweater
The end result was a really happy husband who has another cool NY Giants themed hand knit to add to his collection. And I love the sweater pattern so next I need to make one in a fun color combination for myself. It’s a great casual weekend piece.

21 Replies to “FO: NY Giants Sweater”

  1. again,, I am in awe in the items that you knit, beautiful!, and the time you give to your knitting. its very inspiring! keep up the good work

  2. What a terrific sweater! Did you do anything special to make the neck more fitted? I notice that in a lot of the FO pics on Ravelry the neck is almost a boat neck – definitely bigger than my Paul would like. Kenny’s looks great, though.

    1. So for this pattern you get 3 versions: Womens, Child and Mens. I followed the mens pattern completely but omitted the pockets and it came out nicely.

      1. That’s great to know. I hadn’t purchased the pattern so didn’t know how the sizing worked. I’m totally psyched to knit this for Paul! I also followed your lead and started a pair of Raw Honey mitts. Should finish those today, and I love them! I think that might become a go-to mitts pattern. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. way to go DWJ!!! You just keep getting better and better! Before you know it your husband’s handknit wardrobe will be in competition with your own ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. HA! He might be that lucky. Between him and my sisters he might get the most sweater love.

  4. The Eagles fan in me is fighting this, but I absolutely love this sweater, and your husband clearly loves it. Beautiful knit, love the finishing detail of the patch!

    1. HAHAHAHA one of my best friends is a huge Eagles fan but even she can appreciate it. Hey everyone has their allegiances, perhaps you can make one in Eagles colors?

  5. Awesome sweater, and that is a great pattern! I haven’t come across it before, but I love the stripes and that it comes in men, women, and children sizes! I just knit a baby blanket in Mighty Stitch and I really like that yarn too.

  6. Both sweater are absolutely amazing!!! Wow! Your stockinette stitch is impeccable, super impressive. What a lucky guy!

  7. I am not a football kind of gal but I like the bold colors of this jumper and how well it fits your husband.

    1. I’m not a football fan either LOL but I love him and I love color and knitting ๐Ÿ˜Š

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