Color of the Year: Greenery

What you may not know about me is that I’m a color nerd. I do not think I see color the way average people do. My world is incredibly vibrant and I love it. I’ve spent a lot of my years painting, drawing, graphic design, publication design, web design and I love color (that much you do know about me). My dream job in life? Picking colors and the color of the year for Pantone. That’s the ultimate for me. So I am always excited when the next year’s Color of the Year is announced.
Pantone Color of the Year Greenery
Greenery is right up my alley AND I feel like I’ve been a little ahead of the trend with my strong green color palette thus far this year.
My green has a bit more yellow in it than Greenery does but hey, green is great no matter what the shade is in my book. In 2015 I realized I wasn’t knitting with a lot of green and it’s my absolute favorite color. Something just felt off. Once I added more green into my knitting I was much happier with my projects. Who knew a little color shift could make such a big difference in how I felt about my knitting? I do see a shift though and a need to add a few more neutrals into my knitting in 2017. I’ve got a lovely charcoal grey that will become a basic shawl collared cardigan to wear with everything. Since I wear a lot of color sometimes I need something more neutral to help ground it. So I definitely see more along those lines next year but this color Greenery just might spark me to keep going with my green theme.

What color do you love to knit with?

11 Replies to “Color of the Year: Greenery”

  1. Like you I love color and Pantone’s green and the shades of green you’ve knit with are right up my alley. I have nothing against beige and I have neutrals in my wardrobe, but a wardrobe or house full of beige is boring. I work with someone who only wears black and gray. Also something I don’t understand when there are so many great colors out there. Blues and greens are my favorites to knit it. Merry Christmas!

    1. Beige is sooo boring. I also am not a big fan of white without bold pops of color. The only thing white in my house is the baseboards! LOL

  2. Green pretty much is my knitting palette. I move from the blue greens through true green and all the way to yellow-green. In fact, 90 percent of my knitted garments are some kind of green. Kind of a boring closet, color-wise, but it makes it easy to coordinate my outfits! You look fabulous in that color!

  3. I love working with red, orange, and all shades in between. Sometimes I like yellow and generally, colours of autumn.
    I used to wear a lot of green in the past, but it was more like khaki and similar. Watching your projects, I’m re-discovering green for myself and even crocheted my first green shawl recently. I love the bright green you knit with!

  4. I love all colours but my absolute favourite is purple! Can you believe I’ve never knit or crocheted a purple item for myself! About to remedy that with my Christmas Eve cast on!

    I thought of you as soon as I saw Pantone’s colour for 2017! I think everyone knows you love green. LOLOLOL!

      1. It’s really time to cast something purple on! Looking at patterns and my poor neglected blog now! 😀

  5. I LOVE your green! I’d love to see you do more in that red that looks so good on you 😉

  6. I love that you use the Pantone colour as a springboard of inspiration. Your green is actually more yellow and vibrant than the Greenery, and suits you perfectly!

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