Best Nine of 2015, Part III

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2016. I’m starting my new year off right by finishing off the sleeves on a sweater for my cousin. Why not start off 2016 with a sweater? So to end my year of knitting for 2015 I was sharing my Best Nine projects that I knit. You saw Part I and Part II earlier this week, so here are the top 3. Let’s see if you guessed what was my number 1…
3. Tutu Top
Tutu top for Maddie
I didn’t start blogging here until June, so this was a project I did in the spring for my Maddie (my girlfriend’s daughter, who I consider my niece). I learned how to work a welt on this piece and a crocheted edging and both were way easier than I thought it was going to be. This pattern goes from 3 months to 8 years old and it was Maddie’s Mom’s favorite piece, so she’s got another one coming her way for her first birthday in January. Plus I have 3 new baby girls on the way in 2016 (and possibly a 4th, it’s too soon to know), so I think I’ll be whipping up a couple of these in fun color combos.
2. Togue Pond Tank (project 1, 2 and 3)
Togue Pond TankTogue Pond for JessTogue Pond #3
Um…I liked this pattern so much I knit it 3 times this summer. Twice for myself and once for my BFF Jess. This was the very first bottom up knit I ever did and with each new tank I got better and better. I’m still pretty horrible about picking up my wrap and turns neatly (currently I’m trying out German short rows to make it look much cleaner) but this tank got a ton of wear this summer.

And my number one is….

1. Rainbow Madigan
Rainbow Madigan, Cher and me
The yarn was delightful, the pattern was simple and the finished object just made me absolutely happy. My Rainbow Madigan is my favorite knit of the year. Every time I get a compliment on it I happily let people know I made it myself. It’s a pretty perfect knit, no dropped stitches, no mistakes, just knit with a lot of love and happiness. Aren’t those the best kinds of projects?

In terms of knitting in 2015, I did a lot. I sharpened my sweater knitting skills, discovered new yarns to use, started blogging again and I met all of YOU (even if it was just online). I’ve said this a million times before but knitting has been a huge part of my healing process as I still grieve the loss of my father. I’ve also loved all of the positivity, sharing and encouragement from Ravelry. Knitters, crocheters, fiber folks…you’re all just awesome and I look forward to being an even more active member of the community this year. So here’s to 2016 being full of yummy yarn and fabulous finished objects. Happy new year!

4 Replies to “Best Nine of 2015, Part III”

  1. Take a bow Ms DWJ! Because u have made quite a dent in populating the world with your handknits! Way to go! Will 2016 be a year for exceeding your prior year totals? 🙂 I would not be surprised if you do! 😉

    1. I don’t know if I can exceed but I’m starting off my new year by finishing a sweater and starting a new one already!

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