FO: Earl Grey Latte

One of my favorite warm beverages is a London Fog, or Earl Grey Latte. So when I saw the pattern Caramel Latte and decided it would meet my sister’s requirements for a knitted sweater (turtleneck – not too tight, sleeves – quarter or full length, body fitted but not too fitted…) and then paired it with this gorgeous SweetGeorgia Superwash Worsted yarn, I knew it would be renamed to Earl Grey Latte.
Earl Grey Latte sweater
I kept this project private on Ravelry and didn’t share it here on the blog because I wanted it to be a surprise for my sister. She told me I knocked it out of the park and that, my friends, is not an easy task. Helen loves blues, greys and burgundy tones and I just fell in love with this slate grey/blue color called Magpie. Plus because I love knitting with SweetGeorgia I knew this project would be a satisfying knit.
Earl Grey latte
I worked this up on size 9 needles and I actually sat it down for a week after the body was complete before I knit the sleeves to work on my own sweater. I told you, I have been all about knitting for myself lately but I knew I had time before Christmas to finish the sleeves, block it and wrap it for Christmas. The pattern is a simple top down raglan, with a little bit of short row shaping on the back and the most detail comes in the turtleneck and ribbing. It works up into a lovely texture. Once I blocked it the ribbing really opened up and the turtleneck is kind of a turtleneck/cowl hybrid. Not too tight but not too drapey either. I was also happy that I could follow the pattern exactly and didn’t have to modify the sleeves for a short person like myself. It fit her perfectly!
Earl Grey Latte sweater
Another sign that she really loved it, she put it on and kept it on even though my house was hot from making dinner. LOL That’s when you know you’ve definitely given them exactly what they wanted. Added bonus, it comes in a child’s pattern called Hot Chocolate, so Maddie will be getting one for her first birthday and she and Helen can be twins!

Did you get your holiday knits completed in time for Christmas? Share!

2 Replies to “FO: Earl Grey Latte”

  1. I’m so impressed with your ability to knit sweaters that fit other people so perfectly!! Your sister’s sweater looks absolutely wonderful on her, just like your husband’s did on him. And I seem to remember that you knit a sweater for another family member (a cousin?), and it also fit her to a T. You’ve got some serious skills! 🙂

    1. Thank you! I try to measure folks when I’m around them and keep track of their measurements. But for my sister I know we’re the same size, she’s just taller – so that made it easy. And my cousin is so tiny I can usually get away with the smallest size of the pattern LOL

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