Best Nine of 2015, Part I

I’ve been seeing a lot of those Best Nine  posts on Instagram where you share your top liked posts of the year. My best nine included things I knit and my family.
So I started to think about what are the best nine things I made this year? This year was a big knitting year for me. I knit A LOT. And I learned a lot and did a ton of major sweater knitting. This year my knitting stats included:

  • 24 sweaters (this includes 14 quarter length or longer sleeves, 10 tees/tanks/short sleeved sweaters)
  • 10 baby sweaters
  • 4 blankets
  • 3 hats
  • 1 dog sweater
  • 1 tie
  • 1 scarf

I really fell in love with sweater knitting this year and did my first bottom up and seamed sweaters. I’ve still got a ton of yarn in my stash and 3 new baby girls on the way this year so I’ve definitely got a list of things I’ll be knitting in the new year. Since it’s still a slow holiday week I’m going to break up my top 9 favorite projects into 3 posts and you will get to see a few things I’ve yet to do FO posts about! So here are my 9, 8 and 7 ranked (ranked purely on my enjoyment and learning process) things that I loved making this year.

9. Green Garter Raglan Sweater
I will do a full FO post about this project next week but this was my 24th sweater this year. I finished it just in time to wear on Christmas day. I love the color, the fit and the pattern. It just made me so happy to wear it on Christmas day.
8. Carter’s Cardigan
Two things I love with baby knits – when parents have bright and colorful color palettes or when they give me the freedom to make up whatever color palette I want. I loved this super bright coral, purple and lavender cardigan. It was just the absolute sweetest for a tiny little girl.
7. Earl Grey Latte
Earl Grey Latte sweater
My oldest sister has a lot of demands when it comes to what I make her and I’m pleased to say I hit it out of the park with her sweater for Christmas this year. Now we’re just waiting for the temps to get cooler!! I’m also excited because I bought the kids version of this pattern and Maddie will be getting a bright coral one in January. A FO post about this one next week too!

So what’s in your top/favorite/best nine this year? What other projects do you think I’ve picked? I’ll share 6, 5 and 4 on Wednesday.

16 Replies to “Best Nine of 2015, Part I”

  1. You are SO SPEEDY! That’s close to 1 sweater every two weeks. I’ve finished two sweaters this year! Well, 2 adult, and one baby. Of course, I keep starting new projects… Anyway, your sweaters are all beautiful!

    1. I tend to work in worsted weight or bulky weight yarn and that helps with the quickness of my projects. But I am very fast.

  2. The green sweater suits you! I can see why you were impatient to finish it. Congrats on all your knitting completion. For 2016 I’ve decided it’s a make/mend/thrift year so it’ll be all about the making, which is kind of exciting. Have a happy entrance into 2016.

  3. You look amazing in that green sweater!! Well done you!!! Amazing line-up of your knitting and your loves. 🙂

    1. Thanks! Every sweater I get a little better and I love it more than the last. Now I wonder how much I’m going to make in 2016!

      1. Me too man!!! 24 is already blowing my mind. I’m still stuck on my first! 😀

  4. Ohmigosh I LOVE the green sweater! And holy cow, that’s a lot of knitting. I wish I had that much time to knit– I have already missed the deadline on my daughter’s birthday sweater (September, size 2t), then thought ok it’ll be a Christmas sweater, and that deadline went whooshing by as well… But as I get closer to completion I can see that it’s still running big, so as long as I finish while there’s still cold weather to wear it, I should be ok! 🙂 But yeah. 24 adult sweaters? Color me impressed.

    1. I promise to take better pics of the green sweater and you keep knitting that sweater for your daughter. I remind folks I don’t have kids! Just a dog who likes to curl up next to me while I knit. A perfect combination.

  5. That Green is just gorgeous! 24 handknit sweaters in a year: you realize that you’re my knit-hero!
    And that Peanuts version of you is cool.

  6. Awesome!!! All my favs seem to be the ones with Madi! 🙂

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