Best Nine of 2015, Part II

I decided since this is a slow holiday week I’d share my Best Nine projects I enjoyed knitting this year. Part I went up yesterday and here’s today’s list.
6. Old Growth
Old Growth
If you’re new to this blog you may not know that for years I blogged about beauty, accessories and fashionable technology on The Art of Accessories/I Am DWJ. I met a lot of people online and a ton of PR folks and one of them that I have stayed in touch with over the years worked for LeSportsac (a brand I loved and bought tons of before they ever sent me a single thing). Pem left LeSportsac a long time ago and got married and had the cutest kids. We stay in touch online and one day she asked me if she could commission a sweater for her daughter. I don’t really do commissions but I do like to make cute things for nice people with cute kids. So I whipped up my first bottom up cardigan (those sleeves were tricky) and sent it her way. She was delighted when I told her I didn’t want payment, just a pic of her daughter wearing it and I’m delighted when I see her posting pics on Instagram with her daughter wearing it. It’s a win-win. Oh and it’s a rainbow yarn – my absolute favorite.
5. Sawyer
This is the sweater I learned the most from this year. It wasn’t a perfect knit but I was definitely proud of myself when I finished it. I love learning and I think that’s why I love to knit so much. With each project I figure out something else and it makes me just want to knit more. Next up for the husband, a deep wine colored shawl collared cardigan.
4. Mountain High
Mountain High (finished)
You might think this was my number one because it brought me so many new blog readers and friends on Ravelry since I was featured. It’s number 4 but not my all time favorite this year. Mountain high is similar in the garter stitch panel construction as my Green Garter but it has a lovely swing shape to it. Plus with this project I fell in love with Lion Brand Heartland Tweed yarn. It’s an acrylic that washes well and I’ve even popped it in the dryer. This piece is a go-to throw on piece on the weekends.

So these three were in the middle…what will be next? Find out my top 3 on Friday!!

6 Replies to “Best Nine of 2015, Part II”

  1. The Old Growth sweater is absolutely precious!! And I love love love your Green Garter Raglan sweater too. It looks terrific on you!!!

    1. Thank you! I think because I love the color green it may become my favorite sweater. I’ve worn it 3 times already since I made it last week. LOL

  2. I think I know what one or two of the top three are! I’m offline until Sunday so I can’t wait to see if I’m right! 😀

  3. oooh, nice! Loving that Lion Brand Heartland Tweed yarn – adding it to my list…
    thanks for the tip.

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