FO: Simple Baby Pullover

Yup, 2 finished objects in 1 week. While I was sick and resting over the weekend I did not have the energy within myself to focus on the thermal stitch in my husband’s sweater. I knew if I got drowsy or dozed off I’d screw up the stitch pattern but I was bored laying on the couch and in bed, so I looked for some pregnancy gift ideas and decided to whip up a little sweater for my coworker’s upcoming work baby shower.

This is the Simple Baby Pullover and I randomly saw this pattern on Facebook a year ago. So I added it to my pattern stash and figured at some point I’d make one. Well, I wasn’t in the mood to do another cardigan this weekend and I decided to try something different.
I bought these rainbow buttons on Etsy and they were too small for the Old Growth Rainbow cardigan I made but were the perfect size for this little sweater. I also knit it up in our company’s logo colors to remind her of work while she’s away for her maternity leave. The pattern goes up in size so I might whip up another for Maddie and I’m definitely adding this pattern to a go to in my gift patterns category. It’s a super easy raglan and I always make baby gifts with Caron Simply Soft. It’s great to wash and dry, is super soft and I’ve seen enough projects that I’ve made with it that hold up well. Definitely a go to in my baby knitting stash.

I will admit, I also have another Oatmeal sweater for myself on my needles. It’s a bulky yarn and I got gauge on size 13’s so it’s moving along but I’m going to put it to the side and get to working on the back half of the Sawyer sweater. I’ve got class next week Thursday and I want all the pieces blocked and ready to go so I can seam it and pick up the collar. So I’ll be a knitting fool this weekend! LOL

4 Replies to “FO: Simple Baby Pullover”

  1. what company logo? the associations is red, white, and blue? I LOVE those buttons! good call!

  2. To remind her of work? Oh, man! Isn’t that a little bit mean! 😅 all the same, a very cute pullover. I like the buttons.

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