FO: Rainbow Old Growth

Old Growth
Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about my husband’s Sawyer sweater, but in between all the thermal stitch I’ve knit two baby sweaters. They’re quick and easy. Up first, the Old Growth Cardigan I mentioned last week.
Old Growth
A friend of mine has a little girl and asked for an 18 month old sized cardigan and I decided I would try out the Old Growth pattern because I was considering making it for myself. It comes in sizes newborn to 4XL and it’s a bottom up raglan, so I wanted to see if I liked the bottom up technique before I made one for myself. I do not like bottom up raglans. I do like and appreciate TinCan Knits patterns. Their instructions are fantastic, especially if you’re a new knitter.
Old Growth
Attaching the sleeves to the bottom was awkward. It might have been because it was my first time but man I had strands of yarn dangling everywhere confusing the hell out of me and this was on a size 1-2 year old cardigan! What would it be like in my size? I do like the cardigan styling with the buttons across the chest but I don’t know if I’ll be making myself one. I also realized that if I don’t knit both sleeves at the same time I don’t pay attention. One sleeve I knit totally with the smallest needle and the other I switched to the regular needle after the cuff. I think only I truly notice it but I’m hoping it fits my friend’s little girl (I don’t want her tiny arm getting smushed). I blocked it and stretch it out to try to make sure they looked like a good match.
Old Growth
I also highly recommend the Vanna’s Choice yarn for kids projects. I’ve used this brand and colorway a couple of times and I really, really like it. I know some folks are anti-acrylic but there are some good ones out there. It works up nicely, washes well and you can pop it in the dryer. All of these things make it kid friendly because let’s be honest, a lot of your friends won’t remember how to care for something you made with wool for their child and I don’t expect them too. The buttons are buttons I bought at Joann’s in a big bag and realized I could pull a rainbow from them. Plus I love these buttons for little girl projects. The rainbow buttons I ordered were a little too small for this project but were perfect for the other sweater I finished on Sunday. So tell me, what technique do you not like in knitting?

I’m still on the mend and feeling better today than I did on Friday but man I need a lot more sleep! Thanks for the well wishes!

6 Replies to “FO: Rainbow Old Growth”

  1. Super cute sweater! I love the yarn. Definitely going to make a note of it for future reference.

  2. Well done! And I’m glad you’re on the mend!
    Those sweet buttons really bring out the multiple colours! Just so cheerful! Reminds me that after the rain comes the rainbow!

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