FO: Wee Lima Sweater

There are two things that I love: knitting for babies and getting pictures of babies in things that I knit them. If you ever need a good mood booster, just knit a tiny sweater.
Baby sweater
So this week, I’ve been knitting tiny things and the Wee Lima sweater (a free sweater pattern – go add it to your library) is a new favorite.
A super quick, cute and easy knit. A perfect baby project. I picked this one because it was a worsted weight raglan sweater and I loved the buttons on the raglan increase. I just thought it was too cute and it gave me an opportunity to use adorable buttons (I should really do a post just about buttons because I have a pretty fun stash).
I also typically like to work with Caron Simply Soft for baby clothes because the yarns wash and dry in the machine and they just get softer with each wash. Exactly what you want on newborn skin. I made this fun unisex number for my coworker who is having her second child and doesn’t know if it’s a boy or a girl. When she picked it up the first thing she said was, “it’s just so soft!” and that’s what I want a parent to say. Last year I made another coworker a sweater for her baby boy last December and she said her son was able to wear his sweater the entire winter, so I’m hoping this little boy or girl due next month will get a lot of wear with this one. I’ve finished up another baby cardigan and am almost finished with the matching sweater for the dog sibling and I’ve got a couple of other baby knits I want to work on while I’m on a baby knitting streak. Any other go-to baby knitting patterns? Please share!

10 Replies to “FO: Wee Lima Sweater”

  1. Super cute, as always! 🙂

    I love Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Baby Surprise Jacket for babies and kids.

  2. I love “in threes: a baby cardigan” by Kelly Herdrich, “perfect baby boy or girl top down dk jacket by Marianna Mel [she has a great collection of free baby patterns. Sizes range from preemie to toddler], Ode to Doris by Kelly Brooker, “Little Coffee Bean Cardigan” by Elizabeth Smith and “Puerperium Cardigan” [this one is free, the beyond Puerperium Cardigan is a paid pattern and has extended sizes] by Kelly Brooker. Those are my go to, but I am adding the wee lima sweater to my list 🙂

    1. Oh these are some great ones! I was looking for a dk weight pattern too. Thank you for sharing!!

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