Stitching Status: Cheers to the Weekend

My knitting space is a mess. My kitchen is still idling at 80% (by Tuesday I’ll be back to a functioning kitchen). I have a sleeve left on an Oatmeal sweater for myself but I don’t love the color of the yarn (too taupe). I’m knitting away furiously at my husband’s Sawyer so that I can have all my pieces finished by Thursday.

I’m doing a lot.

But I’m finally feeling better (I can breathe!) and I have zero plans this weekend which means I will have time to clean my house and knit. Oh and Manos del Uruguay yarns featured me on their Instagram account in my sweater I knit with their Gloria yarn (so yummy I bought more to make my sister a cardigan). I also think I’m going to knit myself a Trail Jacket next as a good work layering piece. I just can’t decide on making it in a deep teal, Kelly green or apple green yarn. Decisions, decisions – feel free to let me know what color you’d choose. Needless to say this weekend of zero obligations is a perfect way to end what has been an insanely hectic week. So I hope you have a weekend filled with knitting too!

One Reply to “Stitching Status: Cheers to the Weekend”

  1. Happy knitting with your Trail Jacket! I can’t advise on colour because it depends on what you want to wear it with.

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