FO: Oatmeal

I went to Chicago early Friday morning for a girls trip with my Mom to visit my cousin, hence no post on Friday.
It was an opportunity for us to take lots of selfies with my selfie stick. It was also the same weekend as Vogue Knitting Live, which I attended last year but I resisted going to this year. I do not need to buy anymore yarn at the moment and that marketplace would stir up the crazy yarn gremlin inside of me. But I was able to hand deliver the Oatmeal sweater to my cousin.
Oh Oatmeal, you’re such a tiny sweater but you were the perfect project for my tiny cousin. I said before that I frogged the sweater and went up a size because this sweater is SMALL. My cousin is super tiny and she just barely fit this 32 and I was on with the gauge. It was a quick knit, only took me about 24 hours since it was on bulky weight yarn and I could see myself making this for myself…in the largest size possible. I also used some leftover Ella Rae Chunky weight in my stash from 2 other projects to give it a bright color block for fall. I always opt for color, it just makes you so happy and it seemed to really tickle my cousin with the bright pop on such a grey and overcast weekend.
The other great thing was seeing my sweaters (and blanket) I’ve made my cousin put to use. This was the Lillian Cardigan I knit for her in July. This yarn is just so vivid and gorgeous in person and my cousin uses it as a warm layering piece all of the time. It’s always good to know your knits go to a good home.

4 Replies to “FO: Oatmeal”

    1. It’s a Jane Richmond pattern, the link in the post is to my Ravelry project page and that will lead you to that pattern! If you make it let me know!

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