FO: Boothbay Cardigan

I finally got to take a few pictures of me in Boothbay Cardigan, they aren’t the best (it’s so dark in the mornings now) but you can see my finished object!
Boothbay side
I enjoyed knitting this project but I realized after it was finished that for a shorter person like myself, with hips and butt this cocoon shaped cardigan isn’t the most flattering. Is it warm? Yes. Will I wear this as the air gets crisper and I’m walking the dog? You bet. Will this be a closet staple? Not sure yet. My problem was that after I bound off the 5 inches of garter stitch for the neckband (so. much. knitting.) it was too tight and sitting up around my butt and hips. Not a good look. So my knitting buddy Lavon suggest I take out the bind off and do a stretchy bind off just around my hips and the bottom half of the sweater to give it a bit more give. Thank goodness for knitting friends. If she hadn’t suggested that this would’ve been a throw away piece.
Now it sits better around my hips and butt without sticking all the way out like a mushroom cap. My collar is the 5 inches per the pattern but doesn’t fold over like in the project pics. I also had to shorten the sleeves considerably once I realized how long they were getting. Clearly, I’m just a little too short for this pattern. It is a Hannah Fettig pattern and I love how it was written so if you’re interested, Quince & Co is doing a month of giveaways with her if you use their yarn and her patterns. I haven’t bought any Quince & Co yarn yet, but it is next on my list to try.

When I was in Chicago over the weekend and the wind was blowing through my mother’s coat she added this sweater as a layer and was nice and toasty. So at least I know this is cozy and warm, regardless of how it wears on me. I will say I really do love the unique color of this Ella Rae Worsted superwash yarn. It isn’t as soft as some of my other superwash yarns but it gives a nice drape, works up nicely and didn’t do a lot of stretching when I threw it in the washing machine. I will be definitely be using this yarn again – plus I have 3 balls leftover in my stash so I see a cowl, hat, mitten combo being made in the future.

So please, make me feel better and tell me that you’ve had other patterns turn out not as expected. I’m still just slightly disappointed in how this ended up.

16 Replies to “FO: Boothbay Cardigan”

  1. I have yet to tackle an honest to goodness adult size sweater, but I think this is really nice. I think the fit is different than the pattern photos because it seems like it might be a bit too big on you. Adjusting the bind off was a good idea–since it’s kind of a bubbly shrug construction, the extra stretch would help it lie flatter. Can you machine dry it? That has always helped my super wash stuff shrink up a bit when needed. It’s knitted beautifully.

    I would say wear it with a close-fitting top under it…that might help it cling a little more. Then again, I’m not a paragon of fashion (I’m currently wearing my drachenfels set off by ripped jeans and an old t shirt from the goodwill. 1 out of three ain’t bad).

    1. I was considering drying it but I fear I will shorten the sleeves…but it might be a risk I have to take. I also wouldn’t mind if it was a 3/4 sleeve but a good suggestion! I figured if I did wear it I need to wear something fitted underneath but I do love the cozy factor even though the fit isn’t that great for my size and height.

      1. Maybe just put it in for 5 or 10 minutes? You can always get it damp again and undo any shrinking if it’s a really good superwash.

        I do think it looks really nice as it is, though. It’s such a nice color and very pretty yarn and knitting. Just depends on what your preferences are and what you want to do with it.

  2. Could you belt it? I cannot figure out what it is doing in the back…

    1. LOL it kind of goes under. It’s so weird. I might try to shrink it a little or just wear it as a cozy sweater on the weekends.

  3. I absolutely have sweaters turn out other than expected. 🙂 I made Heidi Kirrmaier’s Summer Solstice and it ended up looking like a short bathrobe, somehow. It’s super comfortable and I wear it around the house ALL the time, but never out. (I can’t wear cocoon sweaters at all – I’m pear shaped and end up looking like a pillow on legs; but the Boothbay is such a pretty sweater!)

    1. I feel like Boothbay is my bathrobe sweater. My office is always freezing so it may stay at work.

  4. Awww shucks, you’re STILL slightly disappointed? why? It looks great! I know you wanted exactly what you saw in the pics but everyone is built differently therefore things don’t always hang the same way on one person as they did another. D, I think the sweater looks great — piece of advice for you . . . don’t leave it unattended while at work 😉

  5. None of my sweaters turn out as expected. I can always find some flaw. But other people think my work is perfect! Wear your sweater often. I think you look great 🙂

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