FO: Perfect Pink Storm

This is my best friend, Jessica. She has popped up on this blog occasionally, most notably for this fun green sweater I made for her birthday and her Togue Pond tank (she also reclaimed my Boothbay cardigan and sadly it looks way cuter on her than it did on me). One of her favorite colors is pink (right now she’s on a millennial pink kick) and she loves rose gold and she has pink highlights right now, so when I saw the Patons Metallic yarn in Burnished Rose Gold I knew I needed to pick it up for her. Then I saw the Baldric pattern and I knew it was a perfect casual silhouette for her and I knew that yarn and that pattern would work together beautifully.
Jessica’s Rose Gold Sweater
Sometimes you find the perfect yarn for the perfect pattern for the perfect person and that’s how I ended up with the Perfect Pink Storm.
Jessica’s Rose Gold Sweater
Jess has a relaxed, boho style that always has an extra little twist or detail to it. When I saw this sweater pop up on Instagram I knew I was going to make it for her because she’d like the relaxed feel but I knew it needed special yarn to make it pop. Although the neckline and edges aren’t ‘finished’ with any special bind-off or ribbing it still has a fun detail on the sides and on the arms.
Jessica’s Rose Gold Sweater
Each sleeve has the same detail as on the side but in different places on the arms. It gives it a little interest and I like it.
Jessica’s Rose Gold Sweater
It has a nice relaxed fit and shape and I didn’t make the sleeves super long because I still wanted it to have a bit of polish so she could wear it to work and stack it up with jewelry. I really love this piece and it even makes me consider making one for myself! Added bonus, it’s knit up on bigger needles so it won’t take you long to finish it.
Jessica’s Rose Gold Sweater
The only sad note about this piece…the yarn color is discontinued. But go to their website (I linked to it up top) and grab some of the colors while they’re still on clearance! You can get this yarn for a steal.

7 Replies to “FO: Perfect Pink Storm”

  1. I now have a serious case of Jessica envy! Not really, I just love the pieces you choose for her and want the fun of making them, myself. All the details here are just right. Not too much, not too plain. Congrats!

    1. Well, I always feel like Jessica makes everything look infinitely cooler without doing a thing! LOL

  2. This is beautiful! Question: is the yarn soft after you wash it? I’m seriously considering getting some for a very picky 13 year old.

    1. It’s not soft and lofty like wool but it’s light and soft. Does that make sense?

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