FO: Rosemont Cardigan

Let’s start the week off with a finished object, shall we? Here is my finished Rosemont Cardigan.
This pattern is from the Hannah Fettig, Home and Away Collection. From this collection I’ve knit a three colored Lesley sweater and the Boothbay cardigan that did not flatter my ample behind AT ALL. It is now the prized possession of my BFF Jessica. I love the patterns in this book and that she offers seamed and seamless versions of each pattern. I wanted Boothbay to be my ultimate cardigan and when that curved hem shape failed me I decided to one day knit Rosemont instead. I love a good shawl collar and with the straight edge hem I knew it wouldn’t sit up on my butt in a bad way. I was holding onto a significant quantity of Periwinkle Sheep Intent yarn in this soft and lovely Rose Quartz color. Honestly, Intent is one of my favorite yarns. I will admit though, the toughest part of this cardigan was all the stitches for that shawl collar. Goodness gracious, 300 stitches takes a bit of time to work out but I finished!
I know most people don’t think this is my typical color but I love a good blush shade. It’s almost like a neutral and it matches a ton of stuff already in my closet. Case in point, this cardigan goes perfectly with my Rose Gold Bryr clogs and I recently picked up one of their Clogs & Dogs tote bag supporting North Valley Animal Disaster Group, a North Valley organization that is on the ground, saving the lives of animals effected by the recent devastating California wild fires. I also added a 157 of Gemma embroidered patch of the dog Mochi to the tote. Mochi’s adventures are one of my favorite cartoons.
I’m also hoping this cardigan will be a part of our handmade holiday photos this year! I’ve got some lovely yarn for coordinating sweaters for the dogs and I’m almost finished with Kendell’s vest. I may have to alter it a bit from my original plan because the Remix yarn is lighter than I anticipated. But we shall see. So that’s what I was able to finish over my Thanksgiving break, what about you?

13 Replies to “FO: Rosemont Cardigan”

  1. I made some fingerless mitts in House of ala Mode yarn…and finished a Sunset Highway sweater for my daughter that took me 3 solid months. You are such a fast knitter I’m always in awe and inspired.

  2. Yes, the curved front is unkind to the behind. It also visually enlarges a belly. Some fashion items don’t look good on those of us who don’t look like models – but honestly, do you really want to look like a guy from the back? Your Rosemont looks great on you, as does your clogs and dogs tote bag. I love a sort off pink like you are wearing. It looks great with so many other colors, and such a nice cause.

  3. Luv this cardi!! It really looks great on you, especially compared to the Boothbay. And you had to pickup and knit 300 stitches!!! Well, this shawl collar is worth it 😉 Love a shawl collar myself😍

  4. Beautiful sweaters and beautiful clogs!
    Thank you so much for thinking of the animals that lost their homes during these awful, awful California fires.

  5. Cute sweater, clogs and tote! I hadn’t seen the tote and had to immediately go and support the cause – thanks for sharing that. I have been knitting socks – my goal is a pair for each family member (5 adults and one toddler) by Christmas, and I’m about 60% there. I had them try on the socks I had completed over Thanksgiving so I could get the length right, so now I’ll be re-kniting some toes, plus I still have 2 whole pairs to go. I will be enjoying some Christmas movie/knitting marathons in the next few weeks.

  6. Really, really pretty color. Looks like such a versatile piece. Great necklace, too!

  7. Over Thanksgiving I had a chance to knit hats, loads of blue hats—belated ain’t-bullying hats for an entire class. I need to make 30 and finished six over the weekend.

  8. OMG!!! What a WONDERFULLY gorgeous piece!!! And the color lends to its gorgeous-ness!!! A neutral shade for you if ever there was one . . . and the color blended sssoooooo well! Very well done, DWJ!!! It is BEA-TI-FFFUUULLL!!!

  9. Those 300 sts you picked up were well worth it! 😉

  10. What a beautiful cardigan! It suits you perfectly. And I love your gold clogs too😘

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