Senior Dogs Rock

I told you when I started this blog on occasion I’d talk about my dog because it’s my blog and I love her (hey, those are the rules). But I wanted to talk a little bit today about senior dog adoption. On Friday night, one of my favorite accounts posted something we knew was coming but hoped wasn’t coming soon. Susie the dog, who inspired Susie’s Senior Dogs died.

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Our little Susie has passed away. It hurts the heart so much, but Susie's dad and I were so privileged to have her for the last five years of her nearly 17 year long life. Although she was already an old lady when she became ours, we certainly had many "firsts" together. We have a lot of special memories and this photo is of one of them from an adventure a few years back. Susie came with us anywhere and everywhere she could, she was a fantastic travel companion! Thank you to everyone who has regularly followed Susie's senior journey and cared so much about her. Most important, thank you to everyone who has been inspired by Susie to adopt an old dog of your own. She is the first of adopted senior dogs in our own personal lives and we would adopt her again 100 times over. Susie was a gift and she has certainly spurred a movement bigger than she'll ever know. SSD will keep spreading the word for all the "little old Susie's" out there. They are all one in a million. ❀️ #susiewenttoheaven

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I know I don’t know this little pup but I shed a little tear and snuggled my Cher a little closer because I’ve been following her and their senior adoption stories since we adopted Cher. I understand their love of Susie because I love Cher. She’s a part of my family. I even shared my story with them and they posted it to their Facebook page. When we told people we were adopting a dog they’d immediately ask me how old she was and I’d say 9, not thinking about it. I kept getting hit with the, “oh she’s old, aren’t you afraid she’ll die?” What, like the day after I get her? No. Don’t dogs die all the time regardless of their age?
We adopted Cher in 2013, she was already 9 and when we got all of her records that they had we found out she had spent the last 3 years of her life in 3 different shelters before she got picked up by a rescue group. No one wanted the older dog except for me. No one saw the value in giving my sweet old girl a second chance at a good life. But Cher isn’t the only senior dog that faces that same problem and Susie the dog inspired her owners to start a non-profit to promote adoption of senior dogs.
What a hard life you have 😊
You know what made adopting a senior dog so great? At this stage in our lives we work long hours and knew we couldn’t handle a puppy and I definitely couldn’t take a young dog that needed hours of exercise. At 9, Cher was already house broken and crate trained (although we don’t use a crate, she roams the first floor of the house freely during the day). She didn’t chew things and didn’t really care about toys. All she wants are treats, belly rubs and all the snuggles you can give her. She is quiet and a little timid at times but she also loves car rides and she’s perfect on long road trips. She may not have as much zip in her step as a puppy but she’s definitely still got a lot of spunk.

Cher videos

Adopting any dog has costs and some older dogs do come with medical needs or require more than Cher does. We bought doggy insurance for her and make sure she has the best food and treats so we can keep her healthy and happy. But the biggest lesson I’ve learned is that if you give them love they give it back to you a million times over. Sunday morning Cher woke me up at 6am bright eyed and tail just wagging furiously because she wanted me to go downstairs and snuggle her on the couch. For a split second when she woke me up I was annoyed, it was Sunday and it was 6am and she was waaay to enthusiastic. And then I thought about Susie and her humans who didn’t get the chance to snuggle her anymore so I scooped her up and wrapped up in a blanket on the couch with her and we dozed off to Law & Order. I decided it was better to soak up the love than to be cranky over a doggy wanting to love me. If you are considering getting a dog, please consider adopting and definitely consider a senior dog. They might just change your life like Susie and Cher.
Happy holidays!


Weekend Plans

Saturday morning snoozing πŸΆπŸ’€ #cherstagrams
In my mind, this is what I hope and dream all my weekends will look like but in reality, I’m always running about and exhausted by Sunday night. My plans for this weekend have changed and it is giving me an opportunity to slow down. I’ve still got quizzes to grade, a massive closet to clean and overhaul for fall (if I don’t do it now I don’t know when I’ll have the time) and a sweater I want to make more progress on. I am close to the end of the body with Boothbay which means I might actually be picking up stitches for the collar on Sunday night! I like to leave my sleeves last, just in case I don’t have enough yarn or decide I want the sleeves to be 3/4 length and not full length. Wool sweaters are HOT!
Dog Tag
And since I showed a picture of Cher, can I just say how adorable this dog tag is for her collar? I found it on Etsy and there are several dog types but for Cher’s face this seemed to match her the best, so I ordered one for her. I asked if they could add some white to the muzzle and she sent me a mock-up last night and it’s just so cute!! Although my favorite color is green, I’ve made purple Cher’s signature color so this will be lovely in purple added to her deep purple collar. I’ll have to share a pic when it arrives.

Okay, have a great weekend everyone!

Have You Met Cher?

Rainy days
I said I would use my new blog to talk about the things that bring me joy and my dog Cher is at the top of that list. Allow me to introduce you to Cher, a 10 (almost 11) year old chihuahua pug mix that my husband and I adopted in 2013 the day before Thanksgiving. I figure I should write about her because she’s probably going to be featured heavily here since she brings such great joy to my life and she’s always tangled up in my knitting.

At the ripe old age of 9 1/2 I saw her face on the Hart Animal Rescue site and I knew she was my dog. I have never had a dog before and I do not know if I will ever love another dog as much but man this little 15 pound ball of fur has stolen my heart. A lot of people talk about wanting a dog, especially a puppy and I love to tell them the joys of adopting a senior. Although Cher is almost 11, she is still full of great energy, spunk and just a touch of sass. Every evening when I come home she runs like a mad woman with her tailing spinning in circles, waiting for me to give her a belly rub and a baby carrot (her favorite treat). And because Cher was older she wasn’t in the horrible puppy phase. She’s never chewed up anything, was house broken and crate trained – although at this age we just let her roam free during the day. Which means she sits in the window most of the day waiting for us to come home.
I watch Cher on the security cam a lot and when I see this I want to hurry home. #cherstagrams
I don’t know a great deal about her history, other than she was in 3 different shelters over 3 years until the rescue group picked her up. Three months later I found her.
96/100 #100happydaysofDWJ I've got a doggy napping on my lap while I knit and a new doggy tape measure for my knitting kit! #doubledog #knitting #dwjknits #cherstagrams
If I am knitting she is either in my lap or very close by. My husband laughs when he comes downstairs and sees me knitting on the couch and Cher is on the back of the couch propped up against my back taking a nap. We soothe each other. And she has made me appreciate the outdoors and taking long walks – she loves a long walk in my neighborhood. She’s a pretty great companion.

So this is my Cher. If you want to see more of her I always feature her on my Instagram account and you can find her with the hashtag #Cherstagrams.