Cher Update

This weekend we had a little scare and had to take Cher to the emergency vet on Sunday morning. After not sleeping for 2 days and then not eating or takings meds we learned that she had fluid in her lungs again and her heart has grown a bit more. Her meds were adjusted and within hours she was her normal self and eating again. But we are fully aware, her time is coming.

My sweet grey faced girl is in heart failure and at some point we will have to decide when the time is right to let her go. I don’t want her to suffer and watching her struggle for breath this weekend was painful. Realizing she couldn’t lay down because she couldn’t breathe broke my heart. And we just don’t want her to get to a point where she’s so medicated and so sick that she can’t go for a walk or eat food on her own. That’s just not a good life. So as of today she’s eating and happy and my husband and I are going to take it day by day. If she makes it to July 1 she’ll be 15 but if she doesn’t, we still will have filled up the last 5 years together with enough love to make up for the 9 before we knew her. And I’m reminded every day by the wisdom of Winnie the Pooh that I sometimes the littlest things can take up the biggest spaces in your heart.

58 Replies to “Cher Update”

  1. So sorry about Cher, Dana. I had to take my rescue cat, Sugar, in for his end of life shot yesterday. I would have had him for 4 years this Mother’s Day. After months of ups and downs,my little guy let me know when it was time. I think Cher will let you know when she is ready too. It is a great gift and honor to be a pet parent, but it also challenges us as we usually outlive our pets. Rejoice in all the good times and know she was lucky to have been loved by you and vice versa. Those left behind, like Jelly Bean, will need extra TLC. Tonight I am tending to my other cat, Honey, who is checking all over the house for his brother. You have a huge heart and Cher is lucky to have you.

  2. My heart goes out to you Dana! Our pets are our children and their beautiful souls bring joy to our lives. I’ll keep Cher and your family in my prayers

  3. Dana, I’m sending good wishes your way. One of my very favorite things about you is that you love your pups as much as I love mine. Like Christine said in her comments they bring so much joy to our lives. Please know that you bring joy to our lives with your emails and posts.Take care and you and Cher and Jellybean enjoy each other as long as you can.

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