The Gift of Knitting

Rye socks
It’s funny. Between blog comments and comments in person, lately I’ve had a lot of people comment on how much of my knitting I give away. In the beginning I used to give it all away and then would end up with nothing to show for all my hard work or just a hat for myself. I was so excited to share and make in the beginning I forgot the person I learned to knit for was ME! Then I realized I needed to make for myself and I would selfishly knit for months at a time but always drop in a thing or two for someone else in between my own projects. And as I got better, demands got greater but I’ve never had a problem saying no and I work at my own pace. I’ve even had someone who wanted a hat and I didn’t have time say, ‘well if you’d just charge…’ yeah that wouldn’t make me knit any faster or create at time slot to make something I don’t want to make right now. That’s just the truth. I make what I want to make when I want to make it. That means sometimes you might get a sweater in August instead of December. And if I was going to sell anything it would probably be dog sweaters. Let’s just be honest in what I’m really obsessed with.

Out of the 68 finished objects I made last year, I gave 42 of them to someone else – that’s 61%. My mom, sisters, husband, cousins, friends, babies and even dogs enjoyed what I was able to make them. And what I enjoy are all the images I get of babies in sweaters, friends wearing hats or scarves. Someone wearing flip top mittens I made them on that first cold morning. Seeing my hand knits worn on TV. Videos of children opening packages I’ve sent and seeing their joy and surprise. I’ve even been told there may be a baby cardigan I knit in someone’s holiday photos this year! I keep those moments to myself because they’re what brings me joy. They’re what motivate me to learn new skills or try new yarn or find a perfect pattern. I also take joy in the fact that on this cold morning I was wearing a cardigan I knit myself, I was wrapped in a scarf I made and wearing a favorite knit hat. I knit and I can give a gift to someone else and I can gift myself so much more. Knitting isn’t just a gift, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.


Helping Because of Harvey

I’ve been compiling and blasting out ways to help folks in Texas because of Hurricane Harvey for my job all week but thought why not also encourage people here too?
Karen from Fringe Association just put up a great blog post with ways to help and links to some knitting related ones but I thought I’d suggest one for animals. It has been well documented here how much I love my Cher and Jellybean – both are rescue dogs. My dogs are my family. And as I’ve seen footage of animals tied to trees and left abandoned or stranded on the tops of cars almost submerged in water looking terrified I’ve cried. Then I hugged my girls and then I donated.

For as much money as I’m willing to pay for a skein of yarn or for a week of morning lattes I’m willing to give that up this week to help those in need – including our furry friends. So I’d ask if you can spare a few dollars to please give whether it’s to the ASPCA or the Red Cross or any other organization that you like because we all need a helping hand sometimes.

Stitching Status: Riding the Wave

This has been such an off week but I’m plugging along and can’t believe it’s only Wednesday.
I am on the last 14 rows of my the Rain Outside shawl before I can do the fancy bind-off. This will be the first time I do a knitted cast-on as part of the decorative bind-off. I’ve done a few new things for this project and I really like it a lot. I’m already plotting what my next one will look like because I’m going to make it for myself. Hint…it will be green!
And can we talk about how much yarn choices influence my manicures? I don’t think about it when I go to the nail salon but when I get home and pick my projects back up all I can think is ‘well damn that’s pretty spot on.’ I made the mistake of doing some of the lace short rows in the car last night while chatting with my husband…I ended up frogging back about 4 long rows to start over because I’m so close to finishing and I don’t want to mess up in the last lace panel. This has been such an enjoyable knit.
You know it's going to be a good day when  your boss surprises you with a copy of @claraparkes #Knitlandia just because 😀 #nevernotknitting #fringefieldbag
I did have a lovely surprise when I got to work yesterday, my boss gave me a copy of Knitlandia! I actually stumbled upon this book over the weekend, never mentioned it to her but she saw it and bought it for me. It was a great way to start off my day and a reminder that I’ve been pretty fortunate to have some awesome supervisors in my life (all of whom are pretty awesome women that I’ve learned a lot from). I’m hoping that by Thursday evening I’m blocking this shawl and photographing it over the weekend. I think my next project will be either a stuffed animal (I’m dying to knit this chihuahua) or the socks for my godson’s birthday because it’s only 2 weeks away! What’s on your needles right now?