December’s FO’s

Happy New Year!
December's FO's
It’s my first post in January and that means I’m summing up what I finished in the month of December. And there are a few things in this batch that you haven’t seen yet!

I’ve got a hectic 2 weeks ahead of me but I’m planing on doing a wrap-up of my year of 2016 knitting and I’ve got some good finished objects to share! Happy New Year!


FO: Monster Paws

My green monster hat needed some matching mitts…
Monster set
So I made myself some monster paws! I feel like this shade of green was meant to be the color of a muppet. LOL
Monster paws
The pattern is Raw Honey and I’ve made them before a long time ago in a super bright pink and thought why not make them in a bright green this time? I prefer fingerless gloves to mittens most of the time because I’m forever walking a dog and need to be able to grab poop bags. I know, the reality isn’t pretty.
Monster paws
But at least my mitts are pretty. Also I originally made the green hat to match my plaid coat and then when I pulled out my heavy winter coat I realized the green is the same color I picked for my monogram!
Monster paws
I don’t normally personalize all my things but I bought this coat from Lands End last year at the end of the winter and it was so inexpensive I thought why not add my initials? Also this is the warmest coat, I wish it was full length. I’ve still got almost a full skein left of the Malabrigo worsted I used for the hat and mitts, so what should I make as the last accessory? Any suggestions for a quick cowl that just uses one skein?

FO: Woodstack Mittens

In January, I did my very first test knit for one of my favorite pattern designers, Jane Richmond. I lover her patterns because they’re so clean and easy to follow and her designs are still modern and fresh. I teased that I did a test knit in my January’s FO Round-up but then I never said anything else about it because I couldn’t until now!
I didn’t know it at the time but I was test knitting the Woodstack Mittens, one pattern in Jane’s new book with Shannon Cook called Within: Knitting Patterns to Warm the Soul.
Can I tell you when I realized that I got to test knit for this book I got really geeked out and excited. I’m a total knitting nerd and I love it.
I actually really like knitting mittens, they’re one of my go-to quick knits for Christmas gifts and these were super quick and easy. I actually knit them in the car over a four day period after the holidays and I used almost a full skein of Manos del Uruguay Maxima yarn in Mixed Berries that I had in my stash. And after I knit these I went away to Vegas for work and these were packed away but now I think I’m going to gift them to my girlfriend Erin, because they’re a great match to the hot pink hat I knit her for Christmas last year. And sometimes the best knit is the one you give away and I can totally whip up a pair for myself in another color.

So have you checked out the patterns in within? There are a couple of cardigans and a hat I definitely want to add to my queue!