FO: Impromptu Pullover

I’ve been slowly going through the archive of things I’ve knit this year but had not shared here yet. I knit a lot so far, which surprised me. After feeling so slow and foggy last year it seems that my knitting appetite definitely picked up this year. I just finished sweater number 20 for the year – with three WIPs I’ve had in project bags for a while. One of my fun projects I made in the spring is one I called the Impromptu Pullover (Ravelry link). Sometimes I just want to use yarns together and create something with zero rhyme or reason and that’s what this project is all about.

I had three yarns I wanted to try just to see how they felt and I realized they all had a warm honey color swirled throughout. Ritual Dyes Flette by Woolfolk collaboration yarn that took Woolfolk’s Flette yarn but was dyed by Ritual Dyes with warm speckles of color (it was a limited run). It’s a boucle-like yarn that is so soft to the touch and the soft color speckles made me happy. I realized it was almost a perfect match to my 29 Bridges yarn merino dk in the color patina. I thought what could I pair them both with to break up the tone on tone color and that’s when I realized the Fiesty Fibres defiant dk in the color gluten-free was a perfect way to pull out the speckles of color in both yarns.

Impromptu pullover

I decided I didn’t want anything too structured or fussy so I knit up a circular yoke short sleeve sweater on size 8 needles to give it a bit more drape. It’s a perfectly loose tee with its rolled collar and simple construction. I made varying sized stripes of color just when I felt like using a new color of the yarn. There was honestly no real reasoning behind the pattern, just wanting to play with the yarn and see what came out. And because it was so light, I was able to wear it a lot in the spring before the temps got too high. A perfect little piece to add to my wardrobe.

13 Replies to “FO: Impromptu Pullover”

    1. I owe you, Dana, for introducing me to the comfort of circular yoke pullovers in a long-ago kal. I won’t forget the warm hug feeling of the first try-on! Now you’re giving me ideas about some stash busting I’ve had on back burner… I love these irregular stripes you’ve used. Thanks, as always.

  1. PERFECT! Beautiful. I am totally smitten and hope someday you write this up as a pattern. I love how all the colorways work like magic.

  2. I love your playful approach to knitting and color. You are an inspiration!

  3. I am just in awe how you can go through your stash and just pick something, put it together and you got a sweater!!!

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