FO: Quilted Tamarack Jacket

I made a non-knit thing! For a really long time I’ve wanted to make a quilt coat but I also knew I didn’t have the sewing skills to tackle the kind of project I wanted to on my own. Enter Cindy (@Cindy_Sews on Instagram), an avid quilter and sewing teacher who also reads the blog and is local. She offered to help me sew a coat back in 2020 but Covid, then in 2021 I was sick and finally this year she said let’s make this happen and I spent my summer sewing and hanging out with her learning about quilts (and now I’m hooked). After months of work, we finished by quilt coat!

Technicolor Quilt Coat

First we started by picking a quilt pattern. I picked the A Different Stripe quilt pattern by Denyse Schmidt Quilts and used Free Spirit Solids fat quarter bundles. I used a navy blue Kona quilting cotton I picked up at my local Joann’s to help make the rainbow pop. The coat pattern is the Tamarack Jacket from Grainline Studios.

Technicolor Quilt Coat

I think the majority of our time was spent with me sewing quilt blocks. No square is the same and Cindy helped guide me along the way.

Technicolor Quilt Coat

Kiwi was also super helpful. Cindy’s dog Sophie is just a few months older than Kiwi so they had a lot of fun playing and chasing each other while we sewed.

Technicolor Quilt Coat

The lining is a beautiful OOP Anna Maria Horner pattern voile and Cindy did a Hong Kong finish on the seams. I added in a ShelliCan OOAK label to the inside because why not?! We extended the length of the jacket about two inches and added the hood and did buttons instead of snaps. And as much as I love this jacket because it is rainbows and happiness in one coat…Cindy took it up a notch and made matching coats for Jellybean and Kiwi!

Technicolor Quilt Coat

She drafted dog coat patterns from the fleece jackets I already had for them. She’s honestly amazing and I am so thankful that she helped me through this project.

Technicolor Quilt Coat
Technicolor Quilt Coat

I’m definitely still addicted to knitting but this was just too fun of a project to not share. I am super thankful to Cindy and her help in this project, it was an absolute joy. If you have questions, let me know and I’ll do my best to answer them!

36 Replies to “FO: Quilted Tamarack Jacket”

  1. What an awesome achievement! Congratulations on learning a new skill and making a new coat. You will feel proud every time you wear it.

  2. WOW. This is an amazing coat!!!!!!!!!! It’s so pretty and colorful and just perfect. The fact that your friend did dog coats too is the best.

  3. Holy Toledo. You don’t believe in dipping your toe in, cautiously, do you Dana? Congrats for this spectacular FIRST ATTEMPT. I found sewing easier but not as enjoyable as knitting and no longer sew. I always did want to tackle Hong Kong seams, at least once, though. Do you find yourself wanting to add that technique to your repertoire, now that you see how Cindy did it? (It’s a lot of extra work but really worth it.)

    1. I definitely am a better knitter than sewer so I’ll leave the fancy finishes to Cindy.

  4. That is a beautiful coat and you look fantastic in it! It’s so colorful it makes me happy looking at it.

  5. Your quilted jacked so wonderfully unique and beautiful. I have followed you for a long time and am in awe of your creativity!

  6. I love this! Such a happy coat! I quilt as well as knit but I’ve never made a coat!

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  7. Gorgeous! I love the way it’s quilted, the flow is lovely. I’m in awe of your adventurous spirit.

  8. that is insanely gorgeous!!! of course your first quilt project is as fab as your knits! omg. wear it in good health

  9. Omg I love everything about this! The colors are amazing and I love the quilt pattern you chose for making the coat. I have been getting into quilt making for about the past year, and so I haven’t been knitting. I’m making all my grandkids quilts. I have wanted to make a quilt coat, but was a little intimidated. This is renewing my interest. And then the dog coats 💕✨💫🪄. You may end up never wanting another coat after this one.

  10. Love it ! Love it! The colors, the blocks, the pocket, the hood! And let!s not forget the quilting—the icing on the cake! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  11. Oh, my gosh!!!! I love this so much. I’ve been trying my hand at some quilting lately too and am finding it really enjoyable. You and Jelly and Kiwi in your matching coats are too precious for words!!

  12. That is beautiful. I love the little coat for the dog, also. Just right.

  13. This is absolutely spectacular! I love garment sewing, hate piecing squares, but am seriously motivated to try this. Congratulations M

  14. I love it! Good for you for embracing the learning curve.

  15. This is a Super Post!!! I love your quilt coat. Jellybean and Kiwi have match with you is just so beautiful 😍. Today’s post has me smiling ear to ear.

  16. So lovely, Dana! Years ago I was thrilled to be able to visit the Corcoran Museum in D.C. when the Quilts of Gee’s Bend were on display there. Your jacket reminded me so much of one of the quilts I saw then that I had to search a bit on line. I think it’s one by Jessie T. Pettway that was ringing bells for me, though it may not be the same one. Such exciting things happened to quilting under the Gee’s Bend quilters’ hands! I wish I were more confident about sewing, but always regret that there’s no frogging possible once the material is cut. May have to give it another go this winter. As usual, you’re inspiring me.

  17. I love your coat! I’m a beginner machine quilter and I want to make a coat, too. You’re such an inspiration!

  18. OMG this is all just wonderful! You and the pups look fabulous!

  19. Wow! Just wow! That is amazing! I love the dog’s matching jackets. So cool!

  20. Yes, the jacket is perfection as are the darling pups, AND your smile and obvious happiness are so beautiful to see. You are glowing!

  21. love your new jacket! just want to say you are amazing too!

  22. The coat, and the colors, are beautiful! I have made a tamarack jacket, but you have inspired me to make another with a hood! What a fantastic addition. Did Cindy draft the hood addition? I don’t recall the original pattern having one. Any tips about that process that you can share?
    Thank you so much and congratulations on a beautiful project!

    1. The hood attachment was an extra for the pattern. As for the process, Cindy really was the one who guided me through this since I’ve never sewn something this complex.

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