FO: Speckles and Spice for Jess

I’ve been working on a test knit I can’t really share, but in the meantime I did finish the Speckles and Spice Top for my best friend Jessica.

Speckle and spice for Jess

A couple of years ago Jessica came with me to Maryland Sheep and Wool and when she saw me grab two skeins of Miss Babs Yowza in Adobe she went back into the booth and grabbed a skein for herself. Jessica does weave and crochet on occasion but I think I get her all hyped up about yarn and she just buys it when she’s with me. When I was in NYC in January 2019 I convinced her to give me the skein and let me make her something she could wear with it instead of letting it just sit in her box of yarn. I picked the Speckles and Spice Top because the main color would use almost all of the skein in her size and I could mix up the colorwork with other yarns in my stash.

Speckle and spice for Jess

There are a few blocks of three colors that you have to work through that exhausted me but in the end it was worth it. For the contrast colors I used Chelsea Yarns Luxe DK in Leopard because she loves Leopard and I thought it would be fun to see a low contrast colorwork yoke. I had Hazel Knits Lively DK in Laguna leftover in my stash from another project and then I got to use the very last bits of Tempting Ewe Sparkly DK in grey that I had left from so long ago.

Speckle and spice for Jess

I love all the little subtle bits of color and the sparkle on this one. It isn’t my normal color palette of brights but I can appreciate soft and sparkly too. I also added in a “This is the Back” label from ShelliCan. It makes it way easier for someone to know which is the back on a hand knit. Her package arrived yesterday and she said it was a perfect fit, so I’m super excited I got to put her skein of yarn to good use.

20 Replies to “FO: Speckles and Spice for Jess”

  1. Wow, so BEAUTIFUL. That is awesome Jess weaves as well as crochet. I am thinking of getting a small loom. She could give me pointers. I love hearing that she buys yarn at the festivals too!!. After covid is controlled🙏🏽, I look forward to seeing you both at a Fiber event.

  2. You are so inspiring in many ways, including how you put yarn colors together! And using bits and bobs from your stash/leftover yarn!

  3. Your generosity is contagious. Thank you for inspiring me to think deeply when knitting for others.

  4. Love the pattern, the witty label and the how-you-used-the-yarn story,

  5. So pretty! I recall the Rhinebeck sweater you made for your friend.

  6. That’s absolutely beautiful. What a wonderful friend you are.

  7. Nice sweater. I’ve just figured out how to hold yarn for throwing two color. Three color is above my pay grade. Those labels are brilliant! I’m going to sew them into all my sweaters.
    As usual, your postings brighten my day.
    Joanna Koss

  8. What a great cropped piece! And I love the imagination you used in putting those unique colors together. Thank you sooo much for providing Shellican Labels Link too, that is such a cute touch! Oh, and DWJ, thank you again (and your cousin) for turning me onto the ‘locs’!!!

  9. I really love your low-contrast color scheme. It works really well with this patterning. Nice work!

  10. Want to add, Dana, that you are just as good with soft-and-subtle as you are with bright-and-lively. This sweater really sings. I think that leopard is a stroke of genius. I wish you lived next door. I dither endlessly over color choices.

  11. This is your value as a friend and a beautiful design…my very favorite!!

  12. I have this on the mind right now. Love how you made it subtle and sweet, instead of HOT like the original sweater. I can’t do the yellows of that, but am looking for substitute yarns and color ways to make a nice summer sweater. Thanks for the nudge. Beautiful sweater!

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